Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: Stand with Me, Renounce the Left and Hold the Line on Nov. 3


by Michael Flynn, Western Journal:

We are a nation founded by leaders who fought tyranny and oppression to ensure that all American citizens be treated fairly and equally across this land.

These constitutional and God-given rights should never be denied, stolen or silenced by false prosecutions or political persecutions driven by fear, hatred or animosity. Those who scowl at the very core of our republic and act from vengeance or revenge against one of us threaten the safety and security of all of us.

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Never should our nation, our president or any family or individual be so viciously targeted, maligned, smeared and threatened as we have all felt for the past four years and counting. This unconscionable and seditious direct attack by ideologically driven elitists strikes at the will of the American people who ensure our very freedoms through their vote and daily selfless actions.

We cannot allow the opposing leftist agenda to continue enabling the fleecing of America, peddling connected-influence for cash, exploiting American innovation for an elitist self-serving purpose, wielding official power and influence as a means to ensure personal gain while exercising mass control and selling out our American ideals for ideologies to pursue what the leftists would like as “common and normal.”

These all diminish the power and purpose inherent in “we the people” who constitute our republic.

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I ask that you stand with me today in renouncing this betrayal of trust that has burdened our nation and breached the foundation of our American ideals.

Let us proclaim with one united voice across this land that we will hold the line and never allow the rightful power of the citizens of the United States of America to be uprooted, undercut, usurped or held hostage by a coup against our nation, a duly elected president, or any future president of these United States.

I want you to think about this statement for one moment — it is inconceivable that America would ever experience a coup, but that is precisely what has been happening.

The events of these past four years are testing the will of our nation. We fight not for a government, a political party, an oligarchy, a king or royal family, an ideology or a central committee — or to protect material possessions.

As Americans, we fight for our own freedoms — for precious ideals built on a foundation of God-given rights that ensure our way of life and all around us; these are what we must be prepared to defend with our very lives.

Our core American ideals and values codified by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and by the framers of our Constitution have stood the test of time only with our support. It requires that we judiciously exercise our right to vote into office accountable officials as well as our responsibility to question and hold those elected, appointed and unelected officials to account.

Together, all of America continues to overcome this enormous hurdle. While we may falter from time to time, we will not fail. When we do falter, we must help each other get back on our feet, dust ourselves off and face head-on whatever lies ahead.

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