Charles Hurt: If the Democrats Are Really So Far Ahead, Why Are They Acting So Desperate?


by Charlie Hurt, Breitbart:

Current polls show Joseph R. Biden anywhere from 10 to 20 points ahead of President Trump — a double-digit blowout.

The whole election will come down to Mr. Trump’s handling of the global pandemic, which extensive polling shows is where Mr. Trump is most vulnerable.

In 2016, Mr. Trump barely won the election — and only because so many voters assumed he had no chance of winning and stayed home. Also: Russia!

This year, Americans are exhausted. They might not particularly like Mr. Biden, but they desperately want a break from the current occupant of the White House.

In short, we are three weeks away from an election that the president has no hope of winning. Every indicator suggests Mr. Trump will lose in a landslide.

So, I have a very simple question. If all this is true and Democrats have the election so deep in the bag, why are they so terrified?

Why, if this is such a done deal, are Democrats so desperate right now?

It all started a few weeks back when Democrats first hatched this conspiracy theory that the president was stealing postal trucks and rounding up blue mailboxes to prevent people from voting. Even by their insane standards, this was unhinged moonbat cuckoo crazy.

Then came all the dog-whistle “coup” winks we got from both Mr. Biden and his unbearable running mate about how you are not actually voting for another 47 years of the “Biden” administration. It will be the “Harris” administration, wink wink.

Sen. Kamala D. Harris’ disastrous performance during the vice presidential debate this week raises new concerns — concerns already raised when she was soundly rejected by Democrat primary voters earlier this year. But that does not really matter.

All that matters now is that a vote for Joe Biden is not really a vote for Joe Biden, but simply a vote against Donald Trump.

That is — literally — all they have to offer.

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