California could become the exodus capital of the U.S. — a true s**thole


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

The State of California may soon be known as the exodus capital of the United States and as one of the biggest s**tholes in America after the once great state was trampled by Democratic leadership failure.

I mean let’s face it, California has been in decline for some time and things are only getting worse.

“California may be the most populous state in the Union, but it could transform into the exodus capital of America. The Golden State has witnessed its population stall, declining slightly from 39.96 million to 39.78 million in the second half of 2019, according to the Department of Finance,” Economic correspondent Andrew Moran writes for the online publication Liberty Nation. “Growth has slowed close to zero or even declined in most coastal counties.”

Not to mention the latest tax hikes.

Liberty Nation reports: “In August, California Democrats proposed a significant tax hike on the wealthy. The Assembly legislation includes raising the top income tax rate to 16.8%, retroactive to January of this year. It would boost the top rate to 14.3% for households earning more than $1 million, 16.3% on income over $2 million, and 16.8% on income above $5 million. A separate bill would slap a 0.4% tax on assets topping $30 million.”

And then there is the water shortages. Need I say more?

“Not only is California going through power shortages but also suffering a government-induced water shortage. The state allowed clean fresh water to travel from rivers into the Pacific Ocean, refusing to consume the natural resource as part of efforts to appease green zealots,” Moran writes. “The other problem is that farmers are exempt from water restrictions and do not pay market prices. And yet residents can face fines of up to $500 per day if they take a long shower.”

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