Big Tech Tyrants Cross The Rubicon


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Big Tech spent the last three years systematically purging every last independent media outlet which helped President Trump win in 2016 from Alex Jones to Stefan Molyneux while getting little if any pushback from the GOP.

Rather than object to the wholesale censorship and move against the social media tyrants the same way they’ve moved against TikTok (simply for being Chinese-owned), the GOP responded by demanding Twitter and Facebook ban “anti-Semites” like Louis Farrakhan and censor the governments of Hamas and Iran.

The GOP’s refusal to address the issue came to a head on Wednesday after the New York Post released a report on Hunter Biden selling his father’s influence which featured never-before-seen pictures of Hunter passed out with a crack pipe in his mouth.

Facebook decided to censor the Post’s story and Twitter followed suit by banning it entirely and locking the accounts of everyone who shared it, including members of the White House.

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