3 Separate Pennsylvania News Outlets Target Biden About Fracking


by Hank Berrien, Daily Wire:

On Saturday, interviewers for three separate news outlets in fracking-rich Pennsylvania targeted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his remarks in last week’s debate that he plans to “transition” away from the oil industry. During the debate, President Trump reacted to Biden’s remarks by firing back, “That’s maybe the biggest statement in terms of business … because basically what he said is he is going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania, Oklahoma?”

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As Fox News reported, CBS Philadelphia asked Biden, “You also talked about transitioning away from oil. What would you tell these families here in Pennsylvania who are concerned about this?”

Biden responded, “Look I’m from Scranton, Pennsylvania. My great grandfather was a mining engineer. So I come from coal country. And I’m not talking about eliminating fracking, I just said no more fracking on federal lands. With regard to gas, oil, coal all of it, the transition is taking place having nothing to do with anything I’m proposing. The fact is that the fastest growing industries in the country are solar and wind. We can move in a direction where the transition takes place, so that people are not left behind, and we we got to invest in the new technologies.”

NBC affiliate WBRE in Wilkes-Barre elicited this response from Biden: “I would not, I will not ban fracking. I said no fracking on Federal land, number one. Number two, the coal and natural gas industry and oil is not going to be fundamentally changed. They’re already in transition. They’re already in transition. What I’m saying is we will not continue to subsidize, give tax breaks to oil companies which carbon capture what’s coming off gas and oil.”

Scranton ABC affiliate WNEP heard this explanation: “What I said was, we’re gonna stop the subsidies for oil, which is about $40 billion. We’re going to take that money, invest it in new technologies for what they call carbon capture. We’re going to still need oil. We’re gonna still have combustion engines, We’re still going to need oil for many things, but what’s happening is you have to do it, and we can work toward getting it done so you can capture the carbon that comes from that gas and that oil. That’s what has to be done.”

Biden has made many statements opposing fracking, as shown here:

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