They Are All Preparing – The Question Is If They Are Really Prepping For Second Wave Of COVID-19, Or Are They Prepping For Civil War?


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

On Monday, over at Steve Quayle’s website, we saw a story at End Times Headlines regarding grocers and how they are preparing for another “huge surge” of COVID-19 infections as the weather cools. According to the story, and the original one from WSJ, these “pandemic pallets’ the grocery stores are stocking up for are preparing for panic buying of foods and other highly sought after products in the even of yet more lockdowns and restrictions.

According to the Wallstreet Journal, Supermarkets have already begun stockpiling groceries and storing them early to prepare for the coming fall and winter months, when some health experts are now warning the country could possibly face another widespread outbreak of coronavirus cases and new restrictions.

The report went on to state that Food companies have already begun accelerating production of their most popular items, and leaders across the industry are indicating that they will not be caught unprepared in the face of such an event.  The report comes as New York cases have now topped one thousand for the first time since early June and New U.S. cases have reportedly crept above the pace of recent days.

We have been hearing chatter about this upcoming “second wave” since before states have even lifted their previous restrictions on Americans and what they can and cannot do, where they can and cannot go, and whether businesses are “essential” and can remain open or whether the state considers them “non-essential” and forces them to close.

Make no mistake, we are not in any way, shape or form, claiming their will not be an uptick or increase in COVID-19 cases as Winter nears, and we are also still against any type of forced lockdowns or stay at home orders.

As a side note, in some states it will be difficult for overreaching governors to again place the type of severe restrictions against going to church or keeping a business open, because judges have ruled those mandates unconstitutional.

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