Sitrep U.S.A. PART III: President Trump Declares An All-Out Culture War


by Barbara Boyd, LaRouche PAC:

In celebration of Constitution Day, September 17, President Donald Trump delivered an extraordinary defense of that which makes America exceptional and declared an open cultural war to bring back to life the intellect and spirit of the American Revolution. If the coup against the United States is to be defeated and the nation to be reunited, the President has just specified the most essential weapon.

Celebrating the same event, Attorney General William Barr, now the subject of daily character assassinations by the seditionists seeking the overthrow of Trump and the Republic, delivered a low key, but nonetheless scathing attack on a Justice Department which in recent decades has largely abandoned its charge to “do justice.” Barr called those who participated in such atrocities as the Mueller investigation, amoral “headhunters.”

These speeches occurred before the death of legendary Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday, September 18th. As Democrats pledge that they will never concede the election and Barack Obama’s retired generals advocate and map a military coup to replace Trump, they are simultaneously saying, right out of the gate, that if the President appoints Ginsburg’s replacement and the Senate confirms Trump’s appointee, there will be “war in the streets.”

Refuse Fascism, one of the coordinating arms for the present street riots in the U.S., was already planning for national demonstrations and riots starting September 21. They now say that the death of RBG, as Justice Ginsburg was affectionately known, should clear anyone of any delusions about the Constitution or the lack of necessity for overthrowing government of the United States.

STOP GORSUCH FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RALLY in front of the United States Supreme Court on First Street, NE, Washington DC on Tuesday night, 31 January 2017 by Elvert Barnes Protest Photography

The RESIST effort to paralyze the Supreme Court, the highest court in the third branch of our government—at this point in the ongoing insurrection, with a contested election looming—should be obvious in its intent to destabilize the country. Simultaneously, the Democrats and their oligarchic funders are also advancing an agenda that includes packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the Electoral College, making Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. states, and otherwise supporting secessionist movements aimed at dismantling the American Republic into something resembling a European parliament composed of squabbling confederated city states, controlled top down by the globalist financial elites.

On September 12, 2020, Colonel Richard H. Black (ret.), decorated combat veteran and former chief of the Criminal Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General, the Pentagon, detailed aspects of a planned military coup against the President as the culmination of the continuing insurrection and sedition against the Trump Presidency.

Other aspects of that plot have now become clearer as we place the activities of the Transition Integrity Project against the chronology of the military side of the coup against Donald Trump dating from first suggestions of the use of military force in January of 2017.

Lyndon LaRouche repeatedly examined the conditions for conducting a successful countercoup or counterinsurgency. Culture is the most essential weapon in such a campaign and the President’s recent speech indicates that he now understands that also. We will examine the President’s speech in the context of a 1988 piece by LaRouche on this topic: “The Impact of the American Ideology Upon the Failures of U.S. Strategy.”

We will then take these ideas up in the context of the present pre- and post-election deployments of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) and related organizations. That examination demonstrates that it is entirely plausible that the recent riots were, in part, an exercise determining whether the “street forces” could reliably perform their intended roles in a coup and to establish firm lines of coordination and communication. This would explain the silence of the Harris/Biden campaign as parts of major cities burned and their bizarre description of these events as “peaceful protests.”

The Elements of Conducting a Countercoup

Like all great works by LaRouche, there are aspects of this work which are framed by the strategic realities of the time. This was a founding document for what LaRouche called a necessary “Anti-Bolshevist Resistance,” within the dynamics of the still ongoing Cold War.

In the paper, LaRouche emphasized that both the Soviet and Chinese economies of the time were on the verge of physical economic collapse, so that even were the United States to be reduced to the status of a Soviet client state, the actual danger faced by the world was that of a New Dark Age, brought on by the fact that globalist financial policies of looting and primitive accumulation, instigated by the actual evil Empire—the modern Anglo-Dutch one—could never produce the constantly expanding economy required to support the world’s population. Today, that same imperial entity, functioning, as LaRouche later said, like a slime-mold, employs a dangerous strategy of tensions betwixt and between the U.S., Russia, and China, to prevent the type of cooperation which could end their imperial rule, risking a war fatal to the human race.

These neo-Malthusians propose to preserve their power by wiping out whole populations, based on a resource war of attrition, and actual wars and the total information-control deemed necessary to police and subdue the populations which remain. This, they have widely and incessantly lied and propagandized, will be necessary to confront catastrophic climate change, a “scientific fact” wholly as fraudulent as the idea that the Earth is the center of the universe.

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