Really? Poll claims religious voters flocking to Biden, but …


by Susan Crabtree, WND:

Results come from organization that partners with ‘Never-Trump Lincoln Project’

“Blessed are the peacemakers,” Vice President Mike Pence tweeted Tuesday, heralding the White House signing of the historic peace deal between two Arab nations and Israel, which the Trump administration helped broker.

The statement wasn’t out of character for the vice president, a devout evangelical Christian who regularly cites Scripture and isn’t shy about discussing his faith and how it shapes his views on public policy. Yet, it was where and when Pence chose to make the remarks  – on Twitter in the final 50-day stretch of a nasty presidential campaign — that made them stand out amid the social media platform’s stream of overblown headlines and usual petty tete-a-tetes.

Later in the day, President Trump tweeted out a doctored video of Joe Biden that replaced the popular Spanish-language pop song “Despacito” with an anti-police anthem by hip-hop group N.W.A. Twitter immediately flagged the video as “manipulated media.”

Both sides are going low with the election less than seven weeks away, and the round-the-clock mudslinging can be distilled down to this: Trump hammering home his law-and-order theme while attacking Biden’s mental/physical ability to run the country, and Biden accusing Trump of killing nearly 200,000 Americans by mangling the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

With a nation deeply divided and on edge after months of racial unrest over police killings of African Americans, the nastiness is also fueling a new debate: How are religious voters responding to the campaign vitriol?

A flurry of headlines over the last week have focused on a poll of Catholic and evangelical voters that purports to show Trump losing significant support among these groups, which the stories contend jeopardizes his path to reelection. The survey was conducted by the little-known liberal group Vote Common Good, which recently announced a partnership with the vehemently Never-Trump Lincoln Project and is holding a series of pro-Biden rallies in battleground states during the final sprint to Election Day. Most of the news reports haven’t mentioned the Lincoln Project connection or its mission to elect Biden.

In the last month alone, the group has held 19 socially distanced rallies or virtual events in five states plus the District of Columbia — all designed to “stop the election of Donald Trump,” according to its website. Most of its funding, more than $500,000 this cycle, comes from a single donor, New York real estate developer and philanthropist Eric Hadar, a major contributor to education, substance abuse, Jewish and Democratic causes.

Despite Vote Common Good’s singular goal of electing Biden, few journalists are probing the poll’s findings. Trump’s support is crumbling among his Christian base, the reporting argues, because religious voters have rejected his combative personality along with his handling of the coronavirus and heightened focus on a law-and-order response to the nation’s racial turmoil rather than offering a unifying message to heal the nation.

For at least some Christian voters, the rationale goes, Biden’s likability and willingness to discuss his faith are more important than his about-face on federal funding of abortions and his decision to pick a vehemently pro-choice running mate, among other issues.

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