Bombshell Disclosures of FBI/DOJ Crimes in Trump/Flynn “Investigations”


by Barbara Boyd, LaRouche PAC:

Thursday, September 24th, featured new bombshell disclosures concerning the illegal investigation and continuing coup d’état run from Barack Obama’s White House war room against Donald Trump from early 2015 through the unhinged witch hunt conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The day saw three significant disclosures. First, U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen from the Eastern District of Missouri turned over even more evidence of bias, along with other previously undisclosed exculpatory information, in the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Attorney General William Barr assigned Jensen to review the Mueller prosecution file on Michael Flynn following clear indications that the prosecution was illicit and “unmoored.” By May 7th, Jensen had produced more than 80 pages of exculpatory evidence which was never produced previously to Flynn’s defense by Mueller’s legal jihadists. This is what led the Justice Department to move to dismiss the charges against Flynn.

The new 40-page disclosure was filed in the Flynn case Thursday afternoon, by Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell, ahead of the scheduled hearing before Judge Emmet Sullivan next Tuesday, Sept. 29, concerning whether Sullivan will finally dismiss the case against General Flynn. Judge Sullivan has resisted dismissing the case even after the mountain of previously undisclosed exculpatory evidence showed that Flynn is completely innocent and even after the Justice Department moved to dismiss the charges and will not further prosecute. Sullivan is a close friend of self-described Obama “wingman,” former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Also on Thursday, Attorney General Bill Barr sent a letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham, disclosing that the primary source for British agent Christopher Steele’s filthy “dossier” about Donald Trump and Russia was known to the FBI as a possible Russian intelligence agent as early as 2009. That source, Igor Danchenko, also told the FBI in January of 2017 that Christopher Steele’s filthy narrative about Trump and Russia was entirely bogus. These facts, of course, were never disclosed to the FISA court in the applications for surveillance warrants obtained on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page which allowed for surveillance of Donald Trump’s campaign and transition. Those warrants were wholly grounded in the dirty British intelligence Steele dossier.

The Barr letter to Senator Graham notes: “I have also alerted the Director of National Intelligence to certain classified information in the possession of the intelligence community, also brought to my attention by Mr. Durham, which bears upon the FBI’s knowledge concerning the reliability of the dossier.” It is anticipated that DNI John Ratcliffe will declassify and release this information as early as Monday, September 28th.

Finally, on Thursday evening, September 24th, the Justice Department filed, on the Flynn case docket, an interview of FBI agent William J. Barnett, the FBI case agent on the Michael Flynn investigation, and, subsequently, an FBI agent working on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “team.” This is the most explosive disclosure of all.

Barnett chronicles, in detail, a “get Trump” attitude toward the entire Flynn and Trump investigations in both the DOJ and in Robert Mueller’s inquisition. Clearly a straight shooter, Barnett repeatedly told everyone he could that there was absolutely no basis for the Flynn investigation, and threatened to quit or go to the Inspector General over illegalities. As a result, he was repeatedly shut out of major decisions concerning the case. The interview of Barnett was conducted on September 17th by U.S. Attorney Jensen. It demonstrates that the investigation being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham has now expanded to include the Special Counsel and his team of legal zealots.

The immediate question raised by the disclosures is, of course, whether they will lead to criminal indictments of those involved by U.S. Attorney John Durham, or at least a report on what Durham has found so far, ahead of the November election. Durham has been investigating the entire Obama Administration spying and information warfare operation against Donald Trump.

These disclosures are being made in the middle of a full scale insurrection against the government of the United States led operationally, for the most part, by lawyers and billionaires, using the uneducated and labile young, and the poor and dispossessed, as so much cannon fodder. The judiciary has been fully penetrated by this insurrection, particularly the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, where Judge Sullivan sits and where, many believe, any prosecutions resulting from the Barr/Durham investigations would have to be brought.

It is abundantly clear that if Donald Trump is not re-elected by a significant margin, these illegalities will go uncharged and completely unpunished. This means that the “rule of law” will have vanished from the United States, having been completely emptied of any meaning and paraded around as nothing but a sophistical phrase by the insurrectionists. If the senile Biden is elected, we will be subject to the soft totalitarianism of the Obama/Biden Administration and a declared plan from Obama’s national security officials, assembled in the groups, Security Action and the Transition Integrity Project, to “neutralize” those who voted for the current President.

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