YouTube Deletes Del Bigtree & “The HighWire.” An Act of Censorship?


by Joe Martino, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:YouTube deletes Del Bigtree & The HighWire from YouTube with no explanation or warning as to why. We can imagine it’s due to their coverage of vaccines and COVID-19.
  • Reflect On:Do we live in a time where intelligent voices are being censored because they expose the mistruths of mainstream consensus? Why are we not having intelligent discussions about what alternative voices bring up?

YouTube will call it ‘not complying with community standards on COVID-19,’ but we all know their move to remove The HighWire is a move of censorship of information, under the guise of calling it mis-information.

What Happened: Like us here at CE, The HighWire has been questioning vaccine safety as well as COVID-19 over the past several years, and as of last night, YouTube decided delete  The HighWire’s YouTube channel, which has more than 100,000 subscribers, without notice.

The HighWire is asking people to sign up to their mailing list and keep up with their content via their website here.

The HighWire will still run their episodes every week from their website.

In a video released by Del Bigtree, he states:

“I actually think this is a moment for celebration, because as most of you know, especially those who have played sports, how do you know when you are winning? When the other team has no choice but to start cheating.”

I totally agree with his statement. Why would you have to censor content if it was obviously false? Why is the content of censored material never addressed, and instead only ridiculed?

Earlier this year I had a discussion with Del about their lawsuit against the CDC which came as the CDC refused to answer to FOIA (freedom of information act) requests from ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) to show what studies the CDC uses to make the statement on their website that “vaccines don’t cause autism.”  The CDC did provided were studies showing, at best according to BigTree, how antigens within the MMR vaccines don’t cause autism, but they did not provide anything to meet the requirement ICAN had set forth.

ICAN’s strategy was to focus on vaccines given within the first 6 months of a baby’s life as per the standard schedule as this is when autism can start to be diagnosed. It should further be reiterated that ICAN asked for studies to show that the cumulative exposure to these vaccines, i.e. how they react together in the body, does not lead to autism. The studies provided did not seem to answer ICAN’s inquiry.

I wrote about this story here and was fact checked for it. Fact checkers claimed that our story was false and that the CDC provided a study to show the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism. What fact checkers left out was that this study only referred to the MMR vaccine, which ICAN did not even ask about. Also, fact checkers pointed to a study that actually concludes that vaccines cannot be ruled out in the onset of childhood autism.

“It can be argued that ASD with regression, in which children usually lose developmental skills during the second year of life, could be related to exposures in infancy, including vaccines; however, we found no association between exposure to antigens from vaccines during infancy and the development of ASD with regression.”

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