The Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Criminal Conspiracy


from State Of The Nation:

KAMALA HARRIS. Another Manchurian Candidate Groomed as a ‚ÄúFemale Obama‚ÄĚ

Make no mistake about it, Kamala Harris was born and bred, socially engineered and mind-control programmed to function as a Manchurian Candidate and female Obama.

In point of fact, just like Barack Hussein Obama, she is not even a U.S. citizen.

As a matter of historical fact, Kamala Harris was not even eligible to run for POTUS as she did during the 2020 election cycle since she is clearly does not meet the criteria of the U.S. Constitution‚Äôs ‚Äúnatural-born-citizen clause‚ÄĚ.

Sen. Kamala Harris was not constitutionally eligible to run for POTUS, nor eligible to run for VPOTUS.

Biden’s VP will become POTUS if he wins

Democrat POTUS nominee Joe Biden has spent months floating one black woman after another as his VP pick knowing all along his choice was ORDERED by his hidden masters to be Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

The strategy was to put off any official announcement as long as possible in order to subject Harris to as little vetting as possible.  This scheme was quite similar to the total lack of vetting of Obama in 2008 who never even presented a valid birth certificate. See: Scientific Evidence: Obama Birth Certificate Copy Proven Fake And Forged

The 2020 campaign season has been the most intense and competitive in American electoral history so Harris was sure to elicit more scrutiny than any previous VPOTUS candidate in 230 plus years.

Of course, the reason for this extraordinary inquiry into Harris’s background is because she will become President should Biden successfully steal his way to a victory.  The only reason why the DNC permitted a Biden nomination was so he could justifiably be replaced with Kamala Harris.  As follows:

Candidate Biden has already proven himself to be totally unfit and profoundly debilitated to occupy the Oval Office.  Everyone knows this, which means that upon his compelled resignation or obvious incapacitation Harris would become the first female POTUS.

Why was Harris really selected for this most difficult of tasks‚ÄĒchallenging Trump and becoming the future prez in the Covid era?

Here’s why:

Kamala Harris is not only Hillary Clinton on Super Steroids…
‚Ķ Sen. Harris is also the ‚ÄėChosen One‚Äô as she was created to be a ‚Äúfemale Obama‚ÄĚ

Suspiciously Timed Face-lift

The most astute political analysts knew instantly after Harris first presented herself publicly post face-lift that she was Biden’s first choice.  For example: Did Kamala Harris just have a face lift in anticipation of being named Biden’s running mate?

This was no ordinary face-lift, incidentally; it was a major overhaul whereby some folks no longer recognized her as the U.S. Senator from California.  Apparently her handlers felt that she needed to appeal to a specific voting demographic and that the lift would help out.  Now the body politic knows how utterly incompetent the Democrat campaign consultants are!

On the other hand, some election analysts have wondered out loud whether the new Harris is actually a double (and communist Manchurian Candidate) who was quickly pushed onto the public stage at a critical moment of the nomination process. See: Is this person a doppelgänger for one of California’s U.S senators?! (Video)

This suspiciously timed face-lift has justifiably got the Right into all sorts of speculation about the current identity of Harris.  Given the obvious use of doppelgängers for Hillary Clinton, it’s clear that the Democrats will not hesitate to insert an impersonator into the VP slot in order to carry out their nefarious communist agenda.  What better way to do just that than to slip in the clone simultaneously with her so-called face-lift?!

It’s also true that the original Kamala Harris developed a reputation as the meanest, rudest, ugliest politico inside the Beltway.  Many commentators have even suggested that there’s no other politician in the Washington, D.C. firmament who is as reckless and brash, shameless and without conscience as this California hitman.  And that includes Hillary Clinton as long as the Clinton body count is today!

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