SILENCED Majority vs. the Silencers: Will Hidden Voters Give Trump 37 States?


by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

With 2020’s election shaping up to be another historic contest, there are two mutually opposed, “hidden” factors that will likely shape the outcome. One is Big Tech manipulation and mail-in vote fraud, which can literally shift millions of votes toward Democrats.

The other involves perhaps massive numbers of Trump voters who’ve “gone dark,” as one commentator puts it, and thus will “talk left” to pollsters but vote right on Election Day.

The question is: Will one hidden factor overwhelm the other and be the reason for a Donald Trump or Joe Biden victory?

Among those betting on the “silenced majority” is commentator Don Surber; he predicts that Trump will win 37 states in November, seven more than last time, despite mail-in vote schemes.

Surber theorizes that Trump will retain virtually all the 63 million voters he won in 2016 and that this number will be swelled by those who’ve gained appreciation for the president or are alienated (or terrified) by Democrat destabilization.

“The liberal scorn of patriotism will once again backfire,” he writes. “Democrats are burning down their cities.”

Commentator Andrea Widburg echoes this today, writing that “Trump-haters realize there are things worse than Trump.” She also cites Swing Voter Project head Rich Thau, who, stating in a July 29 CNN op-ed that most swing voters want the president reelected, writes (as presented by Widburg):

Each month for the past 17 months, I’ve had a unique window into the Americans largely responsible for giving the president his slim Electoral College victory: so-called “Obama-Trump” swing voters across the upper Midwest.

Our Swing Voter Project has uncovered that many of these people, who live in places such as Canton, Ohio; Davenport, Iowa; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Macomb County, Michigan, prefer Trump over Biden. In fact, 22 of 33 respondents in these four most recent locations feel this way.

And over the first year of the project, from March 2019 through February 2020, more than two-thirds of the “Obama-Trump” voters said they would take Trump over Obama in a hypothetical match-up….

They think a businessman is best suited to turn the country around economically. They feel Covid-19 was not Trump’s fault, and he’s doing the best he can to contain it.

It’s not just about pandemic and pocketbook issues, though, but leftist insanity as well. As Thau also relates about these swing voters:

They conflate the Black Lives Matter protesters with the rioters attacking federal buildings and retail shops. They don’t want historic monuments torn down. And they dismiss defunding the police as ridiculous.

These voters tell me they want America finally to be put first; they oppose immigration and trade policies they say give benefits to foreigners at their expense. And they want a non-politician who relentlessly fights back, after witnessing too many office holders fold in the face of special interests.

In addition to Trump’s retained and new admirers, theorizes Widburg, are people (including conservatives) who can’t stand the president but are “anything but today’s Democratic Party” voters.

Journalist Bernard Goldberg is a conservative and one such person. He “acknowledges that he intensely dislikes everything about Trump’s personality and style,” writes Widburg. “Nevertheless, he says, ‘I hope he wins re-election in a landslide.’”

Widburg then provides a series of tweets from people in the same boat. There’s Twitchy editor Sam J.:

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