From 2 Brain Surgeries To Dementia To Possible Incontinence – Why Joe Biden Will Not Be President


by Tony Elliott, DC Clothesline:

It’s becoming more evident with each passing day that Joe Biden has severe cognitive issues not only related to age such as Dementia, but he may also be suffering the results of a brain aneurysm and two corrective surgeries in 1988. In any case, the brain damage from the aneurysms and surgery certainly did not help matters for him in his battle with Dementia and possible Alzheimer’s affliction he suffers from today.

Biden is so bad off, his campaign will not allow him to even have brief interviews, as we have recently seen with their refusal to allow him to be interviewed by Chris Wallace and their rejection of an interview by Fox News Sunday a week later.  The Chris Wallace refusal is the biggest indication that Biden cannot handle even easy simple questions because Wallace would have gone easy on him.

Apparently, with Biden being incapable of even the most rudimentary conversation with anyone outside the campaign, the question is, just what are they going to do when the time comes for him to debate President Trump? There is no way he can legitimately be a candidate for president without participating in a series of debates with his opponent. They may opt for a virtual debate, using the COVID-19 pandemic farce as their excuse. This would at least give him a slim chance to appear to be on top of things in answering questions since answers and responses would be put up on a teleprompter for him to read. This would also give his campaign the chance to fit him with a microphone in his ear, so they can answer questions for him where all he would have to do is repeat what they say.

Aside from cognitive issues keeping him out of public view, Biden may also have lost control of his body functions resulting in him having to wear Depends(adult diapers). The embarrassment of accidental leakage and or foul odor from bowel movements during press conferences and public appearances would be totally embarrassing and automatically nix any chances he ever had at getting elected.

The point is that Biden has become totally incapable of taking care of himself and is absolutely not able to handle the job as president. So, what we have here is a presumptive presidential candidate who simply isn’t able to handle the job for which he is running.  His supporters know it and the DNC knows it.

There are but two possible solutions that will have to take place between now and the general election in November. The first solution is that they may run with Biden all the way to the Oval Office, if he makes it that far and then have him resign within a month or two citing health reasons and his running mate VP would then take over. The second possibility is to remove him out of contention altogether before the convention, citing health concerns and possibly using the excuse that he contracted COVID-19 as a reason for having dropped out of the race.

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