Exposed: YouTube, Google & Facebook Blatant Censorship Tactics


by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Modern censorship is beginning to leave humanity severely uninformed about issues that pertain to daily life. They affect you, your loved ones and the community you live in locally and globally.
  • Reflect On:Do we realize why billions of dollars are spent by powerful figures to research how our perception can be controlled best?

It is often said that what we are experiencing in our society right now, including in much of our past, is a war on consciousness. To look at it another way, a war on your perspective – a fight to control the overwhelming mainstream narrative.

As Plato said, “those who tell the stories rule society.” In many ways we observe this to be true. In our world today, everyone can technically tell a story, but will that story be heard? Will people work to silence it? Ideas and narratives are called “mainstream” when they become the overwhelming thought amongst a given population. Typically, these mainstream ideas are disseminated through mainstream media, education or government officials. When you have a mainstream ‘consensus’ around something, you in essence have people all agreeing on a set of ‘facts’ and thus decisions will be made in society based on those facts.

Given this, being able to control what people think is crucial in actually creating the physical world around us that we live in every day.

But what happens when there is more information that has not been presented, that calls into question the validity of those widely accepted facts? Does the person wishing to tell that story have a loud enough voice to share it with others? Perhaps in the past, but that voice has been heavily silenced in recent years as censorship has increased dramatically. Censorship has shown up in the form of calculated social media algorithms that push out ‘unfavourable content’, and it has even shown up as extreme as all out action to delete accounts or profiles on social media platforms whose voices dissent from mainstream narratives.

Thus, it’s not just those who tell the stories who rule society, but those who have the ability to turn off the stories that offer another perspective.

Here at Collective Evolution, we built a massively impactful independent media and education platform that grew to be as large, in web traffic, as most mainstream news outlets. The only difference was, we never had to buy traffic to our website. Our content was great and met the palate of many, and therefore it was shared extremely organically. That was until censorship came along in late 2016.

It has become important for me to share our story of how we were systematically removed from public discourse by major tech platforms Facebook, Google and YouTube. Many people don’t get to see how blatantly intentional censorship is, and they don’t get to see how financially impactful it is to a business. Most importantly, they often don’t know just how much public perspective is being manipulated by shutting out voices with a different opinion.

Below is a video where I reveal all of what has happened to us since 2016 when it comes to censorship – the numbers are shocking.


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