The Case Against Michael Flynn Peddled by Anti-Trump DOJ Officials Suffered *The* Kill Shot Today


by Matt Vespa, Townhall:

It’s over. The game is over. As we’ve said before, this was the anti-Trumpers’ final battle. The prolonged legal fight over Michael Flynn was their Waterloo—and just like with Napoleon, it ended in total defeat. All that’s left is the judge in the case, Emmet Sullivan, further embarrassing himself by appealing the D.C. Court of Appeals ruling that he toss the criminal case against the former Trump official. He’s not. He can’t because he knows he’s going to eat it. Sullivan had accused Flynn of being a traitor in open court and was not one to hide the fact that he was going to send Flynn away to prison for a term much longer than what the Mueller team had recommended. These folks are arrogant. They had to admit that they’re wrong.

More and more documents that have been revealed show a history of prosecutorial misconduct by those at the Department of Justice. Top FBI officials, like disgraced top brass men Andrew McCabe and James Comey, were out to get Flynn no matter what. They had no evidence to rope him into a federal investigation let alone sit him down for an interview, of which the agents involved said they walked away feeling that Flynn did not lie to them. And yet, Flynn had the screws put to him when Robert Mueller became special counsel, who took over the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Russian collusion and forced him into pleading guilty to a bogus “lying to the FBI” charge.

Flynn eventually hired a new legal team under Sidney Powell in 2019 who alleged that new evidence will show he was the victim of a political witch hunt. She said that in October of 2019 and low and behold the truth does come out, that the FBI plotted a perjury trap for him. The DOJ under Attorney General Barr submitted a motion to dismiss, the prosecutor resigned, and everyone wanted this thing dropped except Judge Emmet Sullivan, who took his tantrum all the way to the DC Court of Appeals. There was no case, but he tapped a former judge, whose law firm represents anti-Trumper Sally Yates, to fight the motion and look into whether Flynn could be charged with perjury for pleading guilty to the lying to the FBI charges; Flynn had made a motion in January of 2020 to withdraw his guilty plea. It’s a clown show. And Sullivan allowed amicus briefs to be filed by the most unhinged anti-Trump legal minds out there. When there is no prosecution, you can’t just outsource it. That’s mob rule-mentality. Powell alluded to a memo from the DOJ that would totally exonerate Flynn as a Russian agent in this Russian collusion mess. It was released today, albeit heavily redacted, but the substance is there. Six days after Flynn’s interview, the DOJ nixed the Logan Act route, noting that he wasn’t a Kremlin crony.

Katie wrote yesterday that even prior to this Sullivan is refusing to drop the case. Well, he looks even more absurd now. All that’s left is watching this man destroy himself instead of just moving on, as the rest of the country has from this fake news story regarding Russian collusion.

Oh, and let’s not forget, based on the notes from disgraced ex-FBI Agent Peter Strzok, that the Logan Act angle was suggested by none other than former Vice President Joe Biden, who has said he knew nothing about the Flynn investigation. Obama ordered the DOJ/FBI to get the “right people” on this Flynn probe, as he prepped his top security officials and gave marching orders on how to protect the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation from the incoming Trump team. That January 5, 2017 meeting should be marked as when Obama pretty much gave the order for his team to take out Flynn.

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