SHOWDOWN! Silver Calls Out Cartel With $20 On The Line As Nation Goes Bananas & Bonkers


from Silver Doctors:

The cartel’s gonna need to call in the Calvary, or it will end badly…

This is going to be one interesting week.

In fact, it’s almost going to be an information-overload week, so you might want to have Walmart deliver some extra popcorn to your door the next time you go grocery shopping from the comfort of your pajamas.

Indeed, there are several things happening to start the week which could have us talking about $20 silver.

Geo-politically, we have increasing tensions between the US and China, including the lastest move of China placing targeted sanctions on Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as Cold War 2.0 heats up.

Within the United States, we have a whole host of problems.

First of all, we have the ongoing civil-distress, for lack of a better term.

Many eyes are on Portland right now.

The front page (website) of Fox News pays homage to the U.S. Police State:

The name of the “Mystery anti-capitalist, anarchist group”, for now, according to Fox News, is “The Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front”.

Interesting name, and such cute regional thinking.

I haven’t been following what has been going on in Portland, but we should be paying attention because if we want to keep up with the rise of the U.S. Police State, this is where the current action can be found.

One of the things I see is that those aren’t just local police with non-lethal blasters anymore, but now we’ve got all sorts of inter-governmental Federal agencies with their crews all decked-out and tacticool.

In my opinion, we’re close to some sort of disaster.

Specifically, within the Fox News Reporting, we learn of a greusome attack when one Federal officer got hit in the head and the shoulder with a hammer.

Pretty soon, somewhere, bullets are going to start flying big-time.

Alternatively, they’ll keep letting it happen, provoke it, or pull off a false flag or false flag hoax to continue the rapid build-up of violent police state oppression.

Pro Tip: If you’re like me and your favorite method of travel is by your own vehicle, but, if unlike me, you’re not familiar with the third world in general, and Heck Hole military checkpoints at random places throughout said Heck Hole specifically, you might want to get up to speed on that.

Indeed, the Civil Distress is not going away anytime soon:

So be careful out there, still.

Of course, the other dominant news is the coronavirus.

And here is where I want to demonstrate why the country is going bonkers.

Take this article from everybody’s favorite wannabe alternative media website, Zero Hedge:

Yes, I absolutely do see this type of fear mongering, and while I admit I only skimmed that article and know nothing about that “doctor”, other than what I could glean from the skimming, I will say this: The propaganda is hard and heavy, and it will not stop.

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