Is It Time To Worry?,


by Jim S., Survival Blog:

All the readers of this blog have been preparing. Prepping for disasters, both man-made and natural. We even prepped for Financial Crises and Economic collapse.

But were we anticipating an insurrection? Not really. We all on this blog believe in America, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We also believed the American Dream and that our way of life would survive almost any disaster.

Now come groups, mostly college-educated that say America is 100% racist, amoral, evil and their solution is to destroy it. “BURN IT TO THE GROUND” says the BLM New York City leader.

Last week I saw a video of a couple in a grated neighborhood that had to stand in front of their home holding an AR-15 and a pistol to protect their family and home. Rioters/protestors had broken down the grate to their private community looking for their mayor. Several were armed with weapons.

This has nothing to do with the murder of Mr. Floyd. These people think every white person is privileged and that even African American police are evil too. The hatred espoused by these groups is at an all-time high and they are backed with large sums of money and corporate support…Coca-Cola, Google, and others.

Several conservative radio hosts have called for everybody in the middle (my father’s Democratic Party) and on the right to stand up and peacefully protest and push back for patriot freedoms and liberties.

But we fear being called a racist…if you don’t drink 100% of the Kool-Aid, even if you disagree with any of their philosophy, then you are dubbed a racist, period. These groups have even threatened liberals who want to debate the issues and they are called racists and that they need to be boycotted and destroyed.

I have always followed Mr. Rawles’ view to be the “Gray Man”. Very few people know about my prep supplies and stockpile. My outdoor range is in farming area 1-¾ hours drive away from home, so only those up there know that I’m a prepper. Note: I would love to buy a small farm, but I cannot afford the high cost and my wife is not into the “Green Acres” lifestyle. So these preclude me from it.

So I’m starting to rethink what to do for prepping for civil unrest and neighbor against neighbor.

  • We have prepping supplies i.e. food, water, toilet paper, etc.
  • We have weapons…extra shotguns
  • We have ammo, but should always buy more. (Repeat that 5 times)
  • We need more tactical training for home defense
  • We need several boxes razor wire. But we can’t spread and stake that down until the last minute
  • We need capable vehicles to flee civil unrest and extra fuel plus rear fuel can rack.
  • We need cash in small bills and silver coins.
  • We need plans: A.) defend property and family B.) bugout plan, and C.) destinations and routes

I’m sure you all will have additional ideas to put in the comments below.


How was that couple from the video going to handle a mob standing out in the open with just an AR-15 and a pistol with no spare magazines, nor back up?  The police were not coming. Several of the rioters/protestors were armed. If the mob decided to go at them, then they would’ve been toast. Maybe someone in our group could write a piece on home civil unrest defense.

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