Is Hydroxychloroquine Effective Against Coronavirus?


by Hugo Salinas Price, Plata:

When the Coronavirus (Covid) epidemic broke out in China, some doctors mentioned hydroxychloroquine as a good medicine with which to treat the illness, because it halts the progress of the illness before it becomes life-threatening.

However, the use of hydroxychloroquine has caused great debate. On the one hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) has refused to grant official recognition of the evidence of its usefulness, and following this line, some countries have not used this medicine. On the other hand, several countries have ignored this indication and have used hydroxychloroquine, either unassisted by other medicines, or in combination with other medicines.

The following graph illustrates the use of hydroxychloroquine in three groups of countries, and the related death-rates from Coronavirus, as the percentage of patients who become infected with Coronavirus and subsequently die.

In the first group (Red) are the countries that have not used hydroxychloroquine at all, and they are the countries with the highest mortality rates – among them, Mexico. In the second group (Yellow) are listed the countries that have used hydroxychloroquine in combination with other medical treatments; these show a lower mortality rate. And in the third group (Green) we find the countries that have used hydroxychloroquine exclusively in their treatment of Coronavirus – these are the countries that have registered the lowest percentages of fatalities amongst patients suffering from Coronavirus infection.

In my opinion, the evidence speaks for itself.

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