Globalists Escalate Against Trump & Putin: Seek Reorganization Of The Titantic’s Deck Chairs Rather Than Four Powers Solution


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The “Russian bounties” affair which has just been hoked up by the London Guardian and New York Times is the most blatant British intelligence scheme in nearly four years of such schemes, to force President Donald Trump to resign; to prevent the President in any case from ever meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in a summit; and to stop Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

The President himself dismisses the dumpster-trash quality of this “intelligence” about Russians paying Taliban to kill Americans, as the perfectly logical reason it never got near his level. Former Marine Corps intelligence officer and INF and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, writing an op-ed for yesterday, shows that by its very “source” shows it’s a fraud: Coercive interrogation of prisoners by foreign security agents, working with the CIA, produced notorious “fake news” long before that term was invented. It appears that British intelligence agencies and government were briefed on this “intelligence” before the White House heard it from the Guardian and the Times. And MI6’s author of the dirty British dossier, “The Crown Materials” smearing Trump and Putin, Christopher Steele, is the cited authority on Putin’s “hold” and “ownership” over Trump in the Guardian. That is the most colorful tell-tale that this is, once again, a British Empire operation to end or destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency, as the last British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch was thrown out of Washington for trying to do.

And this one is a precisely designed “shaped charge” to hit a distracted, divided, fearful and angry American population and officialdom, and get even Republican leaders to intimate the President should resign—or at least, profess eternal hatred of Russia and President Putin.

What President Vladimir Putin is actually trying to do, is entirely different and crucially important to you, reading this. Since his Jan. 23 remarks at the international forum “Remembering the Holocaust: Fighting Anti-Semitism” in Jerusalem commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, he has been working step by step to bring about a summit of the heads of state and government of the “Permanent 5” UN Security Council members—United States, Russia, China, France, U.K.—with two clear objectives: cooperative action against the raging coronavirus pandemic; and actions to revive world economic production which is flat on its back. These steps have included writing a widely read article on the history of World War II to give a historical punch to his urgent summit call; long discussions with the Presidents of France and China; telephone discussions and an agreement on oil production with President Donald Trump, which is one reason the price of oil is not zero and all American oil-field workers have not lost their jobs despite Saudi efforts. On June 30, the U.S. and Russian reciprocal ambassadors will hold a webinar on reviving world trade and economy.

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