by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn said it was “concerning” that a new survey found more than a quarter of adults would “definitely” or “probably” not accept a free coronavirus vaccine. He seems to share Bill Gates’ concern that getting people to take the vaccine is the biggest obstacle.

Mandatory or not, personally, I haven’t met one person who is willing to get the vaccine. Some cite safety and efficacy, others cite the inability to trust big pharma, others cite the inability to trust the government. Regardless of the reason, more than 27% will likely reject the vaccine, even IF it’s mandatory. The poll is probably bullshit, like the vaccine they want to cram down our throats.

When asked what would happen to Americans if they refused the COVID-19 vaccine, Hahn didn’t give a clear answer. “It is a sizable number. And it is concerning. And, of course, the issue of vaccines in this country has been around for a number of years,” he said on ABC News’ “This Week.”

“What I can say is, one of the major reasons we issued this guidance was we wanted to give clarity about what we were going to look at, what we need to look at, and that FDA — the nation’s FDA — has incredible scientific expertise and we will do our job to assess the safety and the efficacy of a vaccine candidate,” he continued.

According to the survey, 71 percent of respondents said they “definitely” or “probably” would get a COVID-19 vaccine. Hahn said a vaccine was being developed with “unprecedented” speed — but stopped short of President Trump’s prediction on Saturday that one could be ready before the end of the year.

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