Diabolic Demorat puppeteer George Soros wants to ‘cancel’ everything in America that’s good


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Knowledge is power and without it the people are powerless

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Hungarian-American billionaire philanthropist George Soros and his army of diabolic Demorats want nothing more than to see the total dismantlement of the United States of America and the principles the republic was founded on.

Withal, if we don’t stand up for our set values the situation will cascade out of control until nothing is left.

Plain and simple, the globalists have dropped the proverbial hammer and it’s hammer time. Thaty want to turn America into a piece of hammered shit and their plan seems to be working.

As Harlan Hill wrote in his June 27 commentary for Real Clear Politics: “In every sector of American society, people are having their careers destroyed to the pitiless baying of the “woke” masses. It’s happening in business.”

Think about that. This is their plan–the cascade effect is exactly what they want. This is how they will achieve order out of chaos.

“CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman spent 20 years building the fitness brand into a multi-billion dollar company, only to be thrown out of the empire he built for declining to go along with the “racism is a public health crisis”  dogma,” he wrote. “It’s happening in journalism. New York Times editor James Bennet, a liberal, was fired for publishing an op-ed by a sitting Republican senator advocating for a military response to nationwide rioting — a position the majority of Americans agreed with. The same fate befell Philadelphia Inquirer editor Stan Wischowski, who was terminated for approving an article that condemned looting and arson.”

“It’s even happening to people who didn’t do anything at all. An L.A. Galaxy soccer player was forced to resign because his wife tweeted that rioters should be shot,” Hill explained in his piece. “A lawyer in San Francisco was fired because his wife was rude to a man she thought was spray-painting BLM propaganda on a building that wasn’t his (it was).”

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