COVID Con: Doctor Says Virus Is “Dying” — but Media Keep It Alive


by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

The Wuhan coronavirus is “dying,” but the media aim to keep it alive — and are killing our economy in the process. This is essentially the message of a physician who proclaims, citing hard data, “We have nearly won the fight against COVID.”

The mainstream news never fails to pound home the message that COVID-19 is “spiking” in much of the country, places such as Texas, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Utah, California, Georgia, and Colorado. The idea is that letting people resume their normal lives — allowing freedom — is a mistake and that some “lockdown” rules may have to stay in effect until there’s a “cure” (i.e., almost forever).

Yet Dr. Jess Jones, writing at American Thinker Tuesday, stated that the “spikes” are mainly due to ramped-up testing; moreover, the “increased COVID hospitalizations” statistic is deceptive, he avers, as evidenced by how ventilator and Intensive Care Unit use are not increasing.

What’s more, an increased-infection pattern without rising mortality is actually a good thing.

Dr. Jones begins by citing the below, which is basically a graphic version of the first part of the mainstream media’s (MsM’s) message:
Chart COVID Infection RiseThis sound-bite species of disease data, showing more than a doubling in virus positives over a three-month period, can be scary enough taken alone. But the second part of the MsM’s message, also presented graphically by Jones (below), completes the picture of doom:

Chart COVID Hospitalization Rise

Yet the above, showing a hospitalization increase during the last month’s “reopening” period, is an incomplete picture — and a deceptive one.

The truth is revealed by three more graphs (all courtesy of Dr. Jones), with the first below:

Chart COVID Testing vs. Positives

Striking. As evident above, the rate of positives increase (<200 percent) greatly lags behind the rate of testing increase (≈650 percent) during the three-month span. In raw numbers, the positives increased from ≈25,000 to ≈42,000 while the tests administered increased from 100,000 to ≈650,000.

This result is even more startling because, writes Dr. Jones, the data “include contact tracing campaigns instituted by each state that should dramatically increase the positive rate by targeting everyone whom positive cases came into close contact with.”

Yet there’s still more good news. Consider the graph below, which shows that while Wuhan virus hospitalizations have increased, the number of such patients using ventilators or ICU beds has actually remained flat or decreased:

Chart COVID Hospitalizations Infections and ICU Ratios

Explanation? While some may assume we have better treatments available (and we may, to an extent), Jones explains that hospitals have now resumed normal business, are bustling, and are testing everyone who comes in for any reason. Additionally, as the Conservative Review pointed out, hospitals may count “anyone who tests positive as a COVID-19 patient … even if they came in for chest pains or trauma.”

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