U.S. attorney general says action on Big Tech censorship this summer


from WND:

Charges the companies pulled bait-and-switch by claiming they were neutral platforms

The issue of America’s Big Tech industry – especially the three or four billionaires who essentially have a monopoly on social-media pages – and its censorship of conservatives has been around for years already.

But in as few as a couple weeks now, there could be news on what will be done to assure Americans that their speech and views will not be censored because of the political agenda of a platform that is supposed to be neutral.

The confirmation comes from Attorney General Bill Barr, who recently was on the Verdict podcast with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

He confirmed that there are a “couple lines” that are being pursued.

Already under way is a major anti-trust investigation of virtually all of the major internet platforms.

There will be “decisions” over the course of the “next few weeks” there, he revealed.

Then there will be more “development” during the summer.

Barr explained that the nation’s Founders believed that a diversity of voices is the thing that “would ultimately keep us free.”

But tech companies, after having promised to be neutral platforms open to all perspectives, abruptly changed after they reached that level of monopoly power, he said.

He said their bait-and-switch strategy gave them their powerful network based on their promise of neutrality, but they haven’t remained that way, and now are openly censoring perspectives with which they disagree.

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