The Joys of Diversity and Multicullturalism Have Come Home to Roost


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Hi Dumbshit American.  Have you had enough of diversity and multiculturalism?  If not, vote a Democrat president, and the second wave of peaceful protests will loot and burn down your homes and neighborhoods.  Be sure you understand that diversity means no more white statues and white history, because they are racist.  Multiculturalism means no more white civilization, which is racist. You may have to give up your language as well, because English is racist.  

I have been telling you for years that you are living The Camp of the Saints.  Having failed to become aware, you have no idea what is happening. When it finally dawns on you, it will be too late.

The anti-white, white presstitute national media have not told you what is going on. The official line is that a few peaceful protests have been marred by white supremacists sneaking in among the peaceful protesters and causing violence in order to discredit blacks.  Some of the more deranged white liberals say that the burning and looting in cities and states run by Democrats is Trump’s plot to discredit Democrats as the party that will not protect property, thereby assuring Trump’s reelecton.  The terrorist threat scare doesn’t work any more, so the white liberals claim that Trump has replaced it with the black scare.  The Democrat mayor of Minneapolis is really a Trump Agent and allowed 500 Minneapolis businesses to be destroyed in order to ensure Trump’s election.  If you don’t believe it, just ask a white liberal. 

Perhaps you don’t think Americans are stupid,  but Democrats certainly think they are. The Democrats think voters are going to blame Trump, not the Democrats who are encouraging more looting and burning, and that voters will elect the Democrats, who have stood down in the face of massive looting and property destruction, to run the country.  If voters elect Democrats, it will prove the Democrats are correct that Americans are stupid. 

Consider the female Democrat that the smart, white, high-tech people in Seattle elected as their mayor.  She enabled peaceful protests to burn down businesses.  Some of the peaceful protesters have set up a foreign country within Seattle’s city limits called the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), which is already receiving foreign aid from the citizens of Seattle courtesy of the mayor.  Can World Bank and IMF loans and a seat at the UN be far behind?

So far Seattle’s foreign aid has not been enough. One of the rulers in the Autonomous Zone has told the white citizens of the new country that they have to give their non-white counterparts money or face retribution. “White people, I see you. I see every one of you, and I remember your faces. You find an African American person and you give them $10. Do It!”  If white people find giving up their money difficult, the Leader said, how “are you going to give up power and land and capital?” 

Change is so rapid that not even the Leader can keep up and mistakenly calls an African CHAZ  citizen an African American.

The black female police chief in Seattle, Carmen Best, said that “rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in CHAZ  (the new country inside Seattle) that we’re not able to get to.”  The Seattle Democrat mayor, Jenny Durkan, says it is all just “a summer of love,” and nothing is going on but “free speech and self-expression.”  Be sure you get that, White America.  Looting, burning, rape, and extorting money are just free speech and self-expression, so don’t dare protest when free speech and self-expression come to your neighborhoods.

Before the embers went cold Atlanta is alight again. On Saturday June 13  peaceful protesters burned down a Wendy’s. A black man who resisted arrest, disarmed a police officer of his or her Taser and aimed it at police was shot in front of Wendy’s.  Obviously, it was Wendy’s fault, and Wendy’s paid by being burned down. 

Atlanta’s white female police chief was so devastated, not, of course by the fate of Wendy’s, but by the non-sympathetic response of police to a man aiming a weapon at them, that she was despondent and resigned, leaving the black protesters without a white uncle Tom to cover for them.  Racist of her, don’t you think?

In Chicago the black female Democrat mayor confronted by one of the city’s Democrat aldermen concerned that the looting was approaching neighborhoods told him he was full of shit. 

Efforts are underway to get peaceful protests going in Ashville, Portland, and Chattanooga. Having wrecked large cities like Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta, smaller cities are being targeted.  

The Tennessee governor, Bill Lee, made it clear that there will be no toleration of violent protests or autonomous zones in Tennessee.  As the US is in an advanced stage of collapse, exactly like France in The Camp of the Saints, don’t be surprised if Pentagon Chief Mark Epsy and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley take a page from The Camp of the Saints and send the US Air Force to bomb the Tennessee State Police and National Guard who demonstrate white racism by protecting Tennessee’s cities.

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