Norway Halts Smartphone Contact Tracing App, While Other European States Roll Out Tech


by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

Norway has suspended use of its smartphone app meant to track and trace those who have been diagnosed with covid. This is amid a roll out in other European countries of contact tracing spyware technology.

Geir Bukholm, an official at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said the decision to delete data and halt any further information gathering from the app “weakened the country’s preparedness” should the infection rate increase. The app was being tested in three municipalities before being halted, Associated Press reported.

The Norwegian Data Protection Agency fired back stating that the low infection rate meant data harvesting on the app could no longer be justified over privacy concerns.

However, this isn’t the end; a health directorate will argue against the data watchdog that it should be turned back on during a meeting on Friday due to fears of a second wave or localized spread of the infection, Associated Press reported.

European governments have been rolling out smartphone tracing apps to help combat any fresh CV outbreaks. Norway was one of the first, and its “Smittestopp” raised the most concerns because it used GPS tracking and uploaded data to central servers every hour.

Although Norway seems to have temporarily halted contact tracing apps, elsewhere in the European Union, Italy and Germany have begun to roll out their contact tracing smartphone apps, according to the New York Times.

Five European nations recently signed a joint letter calling on major technology companies to offer more flexibility in allowing them to design and implement contact tracing and warning applications. Government officials from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal called on companies, without naming Google and Apple, to effectively relax rules regarding the development of apps during the crisis, The Washington Post reported.

Activist Post previously warned that the CV pandemic would lead to an open door or Trojan horse for digital smart phone surveillance.

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