Heh Look, Viruses Are Sentient!


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Well well, shall we look at what we have here.

We’ve learned something very new in the last few days.

Viruses are sentient and choose who they infect!

Remember, in most of these fine DemonScat states, including Mi****Gan, Ill-Noise and ****Cago, The District of Criminals and New Yonk-your-dick ****ty, along with elsewhere, we have been continually told that one must stay home because, well, there’s a deadly virus flying around and it will kill you!

We’ve been told that if we do not stay home, including, I remind you in ****Cago, not even going out on the lakefront for a run in the fresh, clean air, we’ll be arrested — for our own good.

But — over the last few days we have learned this “order” and obvious, said risk, only applies to people who are not pissed off about a black dude dying under questionable (at best) circumstances, especially if your intention is go to “shopping” with no money or light things on fire because you’re just plain old-fashioned pissed off.

As a result there are no cops who will arrest you for massively violating “6′ stay apart” and “mask” orders if you’re waving a sign, but if you have the temerity to cut someone’s hair on the steps of the State Capitol, well, that’s a crime and you will be cited and your business license revoked..

The virus can tell the difference you see; the barber and the dude in the chair will both die if they have the temerity to get or give a haircut.  You’ll die if you sit in a bar on a stool 2′ away from the next guy who is also drinking a beer.

But if you’re waving signs and marching, setting buildings on fire, throwing bricks through windows that magically appeared right where you might want to find one, burning cop cars or stealing flat-screen TVs then the virus won’t infect you.  It knows you’re politically correct and doing a “good thing” and as a result it will leave you alone.

The guy in the bar, the dude in the gym, or the gal getting her hair done on the other hand — they’re all toast.

Well now.

It’s obvious to anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size that the screaming “mandates” to stay at home were and are outright frauds from the first day isn’t it?  Thus, all the politicians issuing and supporting said “diktats” were and are full of crap.

That includes President RUMP.

Not one of these jackasses has called out the scam; they’re all in on it.

Yet we discover that every one of them has proved by their own hand and mouth that they don’t believe any of their own bull**** and probably never did.  You see every single one of them supports restrictions on you and I right here, right now, today.

Exactly zero of those individuals has told the people to live their lives as they see fit and lifted all such “orders.”

In other words it was all done for political — not “health” — reasons.

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