Decades of California Democrats Defying Laws Has Led to This


by Larry O’Connor, Townhall:

It is anarchy on the streets of Los Angeles, and Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom (both Democrats) are at a loss for words.

When protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis turned violent early last week, Garcetti and Newsom could only bring themselves to make public statements of support for the protesters and their cause.

This, despite the fact that the 101 freeway had been shut down and police cruisers were attacked over the course of the Wednesday evening marches. The absence of any sort of condemnation of the violence that escalated to looting and arson over the weekend was translated as tacit permission for the lawless behavior.

You gotta love the “to increase safety for our demonstrators” bit. No mention of the safety of innocent citizens of the city and the protection of private property being destroyed by the mob in the street. No, we have to protect the protesters.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this anarchy in the streets of California is merely a reaction to the events in Minneapolis and an unchecked escalation of events under the laissez-faire gaze of a feckless, ineffective mayor. No, the roots of California’s mob-rule grow deep and strong.

This contempt for basic rules of an orderly civilization has been years in the making.

Over a decade of the Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, and Eric Garcetti political philosophy of undermining the very laws these elected officials have sworn to uphold has sent a clear message to the people of California: Laws are optional. We are only meant to adhere to the laws we personally approve of.

California Democrats have instituted policies in California that openly ignore federal immigration laws. Police in the Golden State is prohibited from cooperating with federal law enforcement officers with regard to any suspect in custody who is in violation of immigration laws.

This sanctuary policy even applies to criminals who have been arrested and convicted in California of rape, child molestation and murder. When they are finished serving their time for their heinous crime, they are given protection and safe harbor from ICE agents.

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