Another Major Mandatory Vaccination Bill Defeated 22 – 20


by Joe Martino, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:A New Brunswick bill to make vaccines for schoolchildren mandatory was defeated today 22 – 20.
  • Reflect On:Are we seeing a shift in the way people live such that they are choosing to opt out of ideas that infringe upon their free will?

What happened: A bill was introduced in New Brunswick, Canada that aimed to make religious and philosophical exemptions illegal, forcing all schoolchildren to have to be vaccinated to attend school. The bill was introduced by Education Minister Dominic Cardy and was just defeated 22-20 in a free vote among all four parties in the legislature.

Canada’s two largest political parties were split on the issue, with six Progressive Conservative MLAs and 12 Liberals voting against it. This decision allows people freedom, giving them the option to look at information honestly and decide whether they will vaccinate their children based on the information they explore vs what their government tells them they must do.

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Interesting note:

The creator of the bill Dominic Cardy stated after the vote completed, that “There are people who make decisions based on evidence on both sides of the House, And those that don’t.”  He also went on to say he was disappointed that a majority of MLAs “couldn’t stand up against the bullying, the harassment, the threats” from anti-vaccination activists.

I found this particularly interesting as it illustrates a lack of scientific rigor applied to a subject that requires much careful research to get to an understanding. While Cardy stated he felt those who voted against the bill didn’t look at both sides of the argument, the very same thing could be said about those who voted yes.

An honest look at the science indicates very clearly that vaccines have not been proven to be safe and effective. We must ask the question: is taking away people’s freedom to decide on what choice they should make really the best way forward? Can we honestly say that those ‘in charge’ have looked at all the science? Can we honestly say that those who choose to do the research on their own always come to the wrong conclusion when they choose not to vaccinate? Are we choosing to listen to the hundreds of thousands of parents who have seen vaccines injure or kill their children?

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