2020 elections and Corporate Big Tech – it is us against them [Video]


by Seraphim Hanisch, The Duran:

Strategically “buried” video of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee reveals trouble ahead for 2020 elections

Starting in 2016, we were all treated to a nauseating three years of allegations of “Russian collusion” with members of the Trump campaign team, continuing into his transition team (because he won the election rather handily in a very strategic electoral landslide). These allegations fettered the new president, preventing him from normalizing very strained relations with the Russian Federation. As time went on, the truth – already known to thinking people – became gradually clear to the masses of the media-zombies – that there was no collusion at all coming from the Republicans. It did exist, but it originated in the Democrat Party apparatus on many levels, such as hedging the primaries to keep Bernie Sanders from being nominated (which now has happened twice), Hillary Clinton’s campaign requesting and paying for opposition research on Mr. Trump that spun together utterly uncorroborated rumors, and then the internal American “deep State” passing off these rumors to a secret FISA Court as though they represented legitimate evidence that something was up, when the agent pushing this, Peter Strzok, knew it was oppo research and not verified. We found out the truth. About half of America accepted this with gratitude, the other half had their minds also made up and nothing has really changed. But now, with the 2020 elections nearing, we do have a major collusion threat – not only that but what can easily amount to true election interference – coming through our beloved social networks: Google, YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Breitbart News recorded and reposted a video clip showing the interview with a Doctor Robert Epstein, a Harvard-educated psychologist, former editor of the US magazine Psychology Today and a major liberal and outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter in 2016. Appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dr. Epstein notes that Big Tech, Google, Facebook and others like these have the power to manipulate massive numbers of voters; that they did so to no fewer than 2.6 million voters in 2016, and that the power of these networks to be selective about who they advertise or “nudge” to vote, could move as many as fifteen million voters into the camp of the corporatist’s choice. This ability could and probably will be employed in the 2020 elections, particularly for President.

This session took place in June of 2019, a year ago, but the record of it has been buried. Even now, this video has only about 39,000 views. YouTube did not remove it, but they managed to somehow bury it, and they did so quite successfully. When this video was brought to my attention I thought I was going to see crazy Senate wackiness. But no, this is a sober and deeply reaching interview. See for yourself:

There is probably nothing anybody can personally do directly about the social nets and their ability to influence voters in the way Dr Epstein describes. President Trump can certainly beat up on them, but without some legal redefinition of the social nets as utilities, which they indeed have become, as de facto agents of personal communication, there is nothing to stop the nets from doing precisely what he says they can do.

The only real answer to protect our choices in the 2020 elections is to become what we are already supposed to be: an informed electorate, truly and honestly grasping the issues at hand, with a strong understanding of history (real history) and of how the American government and the American nation as a whole, operates. And of course, it is vital to be able to articulate this knowledge to those who are as yet unaware of it.

Dr. Epstein performed a great service to the country that day – noting that while he supported Hillary Clinton strongly and publicly, he knows that the United States citizen’s vote counts, and that it is not for anyone or any agency in the country to manipulate or impede our right to vote in our own good consciences.

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