COVID-19 field hospitals ‘close’ but beds and military staffers remain on siteCOVID-19 field hospitals ‘close’ but beds and military staffers remain on site


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Hospitals and field hospitals all across the U.S. are virtually empty–so why would the government keep them staffed with military and operational with beds but now tell us they are closed?

Field hospitals staffed with military personnel are purportedly closing across the United States, however, nothing could be further from the truth as a number of military personnel and beds will remain in place just in case a situation were to arise in the coming days, weeks, or months.

Take the 1000-bed TCF Field Hospital in downtown Detroit for example which treated a total of 39 patients during the pandemic–this facility will remain and so will military staffers.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan made admitted at a press briefing on Thursday that “a large number of the beds are going to stay” at the facility “on reserve.”

Falling back on COVID-19 as an excuse to leave the field hospital in a ready posture the mayor said: “Right now, things are going our way, but we if decide to abandon, with the warm weather, social distancing, we’ll need the beds over at the TCF Center again. We need to be careful.”

TCF spokeswoman Michelle Grinnell told The Detroit News in an email that although staffers and beds will remain on-site the facility status is “paused.”

This appears to be the case in a number of locations throughout the U.S. and might be a common theme.

Nevertheless, in Novi, Michigan the 250-bed Suburban Collection Showplace Regional Care Center is still accepting COVID-19 patients and will reportedly remain open.

Either way, the facilities appear to be remaining open at least to some capacity which begs the question: what type of disaster is our government expecting? Think about it logically for one moment. If the above-said field hospital treated only 39 patients during peek COVID what would be the point to keep such a facility open? Remember, to top it all off hospitals across the U.S. are virtually empty and some are rumored to be staffed with military personnel.

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