CDC’s Plot For Mass Vaccination Confirmed By Health Official (Video)


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

While the mention of “mandatory” was not used, the Center for Disease Control’s mass vaccination plot has been confirmed.

The confirmation came from Dr. Allison Arwady, who took over Chicago’s Public Health Department back in January.

Next News Network has the story.

During a press conference at the end of April, Dr. Arwady said that Chicago was planning for a mass vaccination campaign and stated, “We’ve already bought the syringes.”

The obvious question people should be asking is, what place does government have in health issues at all?  Was there something in our federal constitution or state constitutions that gives them authority to spend money on syringes to pump people full of dead things and poisons?  I certainly don’t recall such authority so, it must be usurped authority.

Arwady said that CDPH (Chicago Department of Public Health) is already “deep in the planning stages” and knows where it will take place.

“It’s all part of the plan,” she said.

That plan is tied to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Center for Disease Control, both of which are not government entities, although one receives a huge amount of unconstitutional cash from you, the people of the united States, but it is for their own survival and benefit, not yours.  And ultimately, the CDC will be the ones who give the go-ahead on the vaccine.

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