Americans, Go Back To Work Before You Lose Your Country And Your Lives


by Bill Sardi, Lew Rockwell:

We all need to get back to work or there will be no normal American life to return to.

The current refrain is that by breaking the lockdown Americans may be responsible for their grandmother’s premature death by spreading the dreaded COVID-19 coronavirus in the community.  So says a highly visible virologist on television who serves the White House as spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control, an agency even she says she can’t trust.

The truth is opposite.  And if Americans don’t go back to work immediately they may be responsible for the deaths of their own families and millions of other fellow Americans.  We aren’t just talking about anxiety, suicide, loneliness and low vitamin D levels from being confined indoors.  We are talking about food shortages and even starvation in some families as well as financial insolvency, ruination of credit, family conflict, divorce, desperation and loss of hope.

Americans are like a herd of sheep backed against a cliff with no place to go.  They are being backed against a precipice by expert fearmongers pretending they are foxes in fox skins.  Sooner or later the sheep jump off the cliff thinking there is no other way out.  America is now facing that kind of horrid moment
when its people do themselves in.

We live in a highly interdependent society.

  • The trash man must do his work or streets will fill with waste and public hygiene becomes a bigger issue than the coronavirus. Rats will run wild splurging on the garbage that mounts.  The Plague might return if rats are given garbage to eat.
  • The slaughterhouse must process meat or the animals must be slain and buried.
  • The cows must be milked or the babies will go without infant formula.

Too many Americans are resigning from their jobs that make contact with the public because they think they are going to get the virus and die.

But you do death-defying things every day.

We depend on each other

AMERICA GO BACK TO WORK!  Don’t listen to the so-called experts.  You are risking the lives of your loved ones and millions of other unless co-dependent Americans return to work.  We depend on each other.

We have already dismantled our safety net and hospitals and doctors’ offices have closed for good.  Don’t help dismantle America.  Remember the nursery rhyme: all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.  Think that you are going back to work so your family does not go without food and medicine.

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