The Dark Side Of The Coronavirus Scam


by Bill Sardi, Lew Rockwell:

This report reveals a collection of information that certainly throws a different light on the public’s understanding of this global COVID-19 coronavirus fiasco.  For this report I will be referring to linked sources so readers can fact check as usual, and a primary source for this report I admiringly refer to as The Oracle Helena.

As ancient history buffs may recall, Pythia was the female priestess at the Temple of Apollo at Delphin in ancient Greece (~1400 B.C.).  The seat of the Oracle was dug into a pit where Pythia sat.  She breathed terrestrial gases rising from the ground which altered her speech much like laughing gas does.  People from all over Greece and points beyond trekked to Delphi to have their questions answered by the Priestess Pythia.

In a similar fashion, I consult with Helena Glass as she unravels the complexities of this “crime of the century.”  She operates an obscure website that is difficult to locate due to some obvious censoring.  Don’t be concerned I am delving into the spirit world, there are real-world links provided to Helena Glass’ scholarship.  I’m just having fun elevating Helena Glass to the trusted status as an oracle, defined as “a person with great wisdom and wisdom,” and moral high ground I might add.

When it begins

It takes a real dedicated sleuth to follow the evil hijinks going on at the World Health Organization (WHO).  Helena informs the WHO and GAVI the Vaccine Alliance, founded by Bill and Melinda Gates, collectively sit on assets amounting to $12 billion at the end of 2018 and have nothing to show for pandemic response, disease mitigation or poverty reduction.

I don’t want to steal all the thunder from Helena’s exceptional investigation and insights into how the modern world ended up paralyzed due to a coronavirus mutation.  So, I will synopsize.  Be sure to frequent Helena Glass’ website for updates because I am reporting about a steadfast investigator who tells it like it really is.

As an example, Helena calls attention to WHO’s original charter, which was to eradicate malaria.  Since 1964 malaria cases have increased.  In Nigeria there are roughly 100 million cases and 300,000 deaths annually, negating the entire purpose of the WHO.  It’s not just numbers like these that make Helena Glass’ site so unique, it is the intrigue, the depth of evil that she captures.  It made me swallow hard just to fathom what she is saying.

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