Nolte: Chris Cuomo Knew He Had COVID-19, Still Risked Infecting Others by Violating Quarantine


by John Nolte, Breitbart:

In all of America, I know of only one person — one —  who knew he was infected with the coronavirus, who knew he was contagious, and who still risked infecting others by violating his quarantine… And that person is CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

If you go to CNNLOL right now, or any other establishment media outlet, you are more likely than not to witness elite and gainfully-employed “journalists” raging against everyday Americans who are out protesting their state’s draconian lockdown orders. And I use the word “draconian” deliberately. Regardless of the media spin, I’m not seeing anyone protesting social distancing or even the idea of a lockdown. What they are protesting is what they reasonably see as overreach and favoritism, is a punitive one-size-fits-all alarmism that treats rural counties in no danger of crashing their health care systems like those urban areas that are.

These arbitrary and punitive rules (e.g., you can buy marijuana in Michigan but not garden seeds) make no sense to these protesters, and when they try to get an answer, all they get is the high-hat from their Democrat political leaders. So they are doing what all good Americans do… Protesting their government, demanding their human rights, and from what I can see, they’re trying to do this as safely as possible. And as long as they do it safely, good on them.

But of course, the very same fake news media that demand we sympathize with rioters, looters, and left-wing terrorists like Antifa, are treating these peaceful protesters, and even those who dare take a walk on the beach, as serial killers. But here’s the truth and the bitter irony…

I know of not one protester, I know of not one American who has knowingly been out and about risking infecting others with the coronavirus… I mean, other than Chris Cuomo — who just happens to be one of the elite media’s very own.

What kind of sociopath who knows he’s infected still violates quarantine?

What kind of fake news network knows Chris Cuomo violated his quarantine but still shamelessly spreads the propaganda he never did — going so far as to stage a fake news event based on the shameless lie he has been no place other than his basement due to his lonely and heroic selflessness?

And what kind of sociopathic media as a whole play along, pretend this is okay, or dismiss it in the way NBC News media “reporter” Dylan Byers just did:

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