If This Is What “The New Normal” Is Going To Look Like, It Is Going To Be Horrible


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Are we going to allow fear of COVID-19 to fundamentally reshape social behavior for many years to come?  It is hard to imagine a world where we are all afraid to shake hands with one another and where getting close enough to someone to actually have a conversation is deemed a “major risk”.  Yes, this virus spreads incredibly easily, but eventually this pandemic will fade and hopefully a lot of the measures that were instituted to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 will fade away too.  For example, I really don’t want Walmart telling me which direction I have to go down the aisle.  If I am in serious shopping mode, I want to be able to go up and down a particular aisle as much as I please.  If I get kicked out of a store someday for “going against the arrows” I am going to be really upset.  And I really, really don’t want to have my temperature checked when I go to eat at a restaurant, but that is apparently starting to happen all over the nation

With staff wearing masks, checking customers’ temperatures and using disposable paper place mats, some of the nation’s restaurants reopened for dine-in service Monday as states loosened more coronavirus restrictions. But many eateries remained closed amid safety concerns and community backlash.

Checking temperatures is not going to stop the spread of this virus, because people can spread it long before they are showing any symptoms at all.

So that needs to stop right now.  If you try to check my temperature when I enter your establishment, I will promptly turn around and go get a burger somewhere else.

And it isn’t just businesses that are giving in to the hysteria.

For example, a North Carolina woman named Erin Strine burst into tears when she realized that people would be sitting next to her on a flight that she was taking…

Strine said she was alarmed by how little social distancing was taking place on the packed flight. She expressed concern for her health when she realized she was placed in a middle seat.

‘I really felt like my life and the life of everyone around me was at risk,’ she said. ‘I just sat there silently crying into my mask because I was really overwhelmed by how unsafe I felt.’

I have a really easy solution for her.

If you feel your life is at risk, don’t get on the plane.

This isn’t rocket science.

Her story caused me to recall one particular horrid flight that I once had to endure.  Like her, I was in the middle seat, and two extremely overweight individuals were stationed on either side of me.  And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the person directly in front of me decided to recline their seat all the way.

But instead of whining like a baby, I took my ordeal like a man.

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