Here Comes A REVOLT


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Oh boy…..

A phlebotomist working at Roseland Community Hospital said Thursday that 30% to 50% of patients tested for the coronavirus have antibodies while only around 10% to 20% of those tested have the active virus.


IF this is true in the Chicago metro area, and other major metros, then it means…

…the spread of the virus may have been underway in the Roseland community – and the state and country as a whole – prior to the issuance of stay at home orders and widespread business closures in mid-March which have crippled the national economy.

Not may.


Here’s the current “R” chart for a number of cities, the nation as a whole, and Sweden.

Note that suppression below 1.0 happens at ~66% for an R0 of 3.0 and that meaningful “bending” — to about half of the original rate — occurs around 33%.  That’s right in the range of where he measured .vs. where all of the states and in fact the nation is right now.  It is in fact an exact fit with that chart.

That also means that we were one generation had we left it alone — literal days to a couple of weeks — away from herd suppression — and were when the shutdowns started.  We did nothing — we haven’t saved ONE single life!  Suppression is occurring due to herd immunity — not the “mitigations” including lockdowns.

The mitigations did not change the slope of any of these curves — at all.

That is hard, documentary proof that they had exactly zero impact on the spread of the virus.

But the data above from Roseland is entirely congruent with the chart, and as I have pointed out Trump, Fauxci, Birx and the Governors all had that “as reality” data on cases and the negative slope for R within five days of the original orders that closed bars and restaurants more than three weeks ago.

In point of fact I’ve pointed out since I started writing on this topic way back when the virus first hit the news that there was a very good chance that was the case — that the back-calculations I’ve done say that this bug was not new in late January or early February, that it was here at least through the flu season and maybe well before that.

That, of course, also makes all of the lockdowns a fraud and every day they continue from this day forward a crime greater than any ever committed by any government, save perhaps the genocides of Hitler, Pol Pot and similar.

You can’t justify maintaining lockdowns and such for even one day in the face of data like this; it’s flat-out jaw-dropping.

Sixteen million jobs so far, many of which will never come back, a nation paralyzed with fear, trillions of unnecessary debt taken on the federal balance sheet that will detonate the budget within the next few years, literal house arrest for three quarters of the nation’s population, national and state parks closed, hotels empty, tourism destroyed, rural and suburban hospitals sitting empty, doctor and dental offices idle, a bunch of cops running around screaming at pastors for daring to preach the Gospel and all of it did not save one single life.

And, if true, the entire destruction of the economy was completely unnecessary.

Want to bet that has only political consequences?

I’ll take the under on that.

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