by Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic:

Grasping the obvious—this was all planned beforehand.

As the totalitarian horror unfolds before our eyes, only the willfully blind will ignore it. Only those who refuse to think will fail to grasp its implications. Only the irretrievably corrupt will embrace it.

The Last Gasp,” Straight Line Logic, 3/24/20

There are a lot of blind, unthinking, and corrupt people out there. Start with virus basics.

Viruses typically show exponential growth early on, but that cannot continue or eventually the virus would take over the entire planet and then the entire universe.

Basic Math,” Straight Line Logic, 3/25/20

The Experts offered projections based on exponential growth even as their own statistics showed that growth curves were becoming non-exponential.

Which means that many of the projections both globally and for the US, based as they are on exponential growth that no longer exists, will be off the mark by orders of magnitude. As this becomes clearer, the dictatorial types will panic and try to enact still more dictatorial measures.

Basic Math

It looks like it will be two orders of magnitude—globally from tens of millions of deaths down to hundreds of thousands and in the US from millions of deaths down to tens of thousands. If you were charitably inclined toward the Ruling Caste, you could offer the excuse that they realized their own mathematical and scientific ignorance and illiteracy and so accepted the Expert projections.

That is not just misplaced charity; it’s downright delusional. The Ruling Caste accepted the projections because they were the avenue to what they wanted, those “dictatorial measures.”

So now we’re supposed to believe that the powers are regretfully eliminating what’s left of our freedoms and destroying our economy to protect us from this scourge that might kill five one-hundredths of 1 percent of our population? The notion is idiotic on its face, and could only work on a docile, emasculated, and brain-dead populace who yearns for the sterile safety of a rubber room, straight jacket, and ball gag, removed three times a day when the nice nurse spoons them their gruel. They’ll be free of want and fear…and everything else.


The powers want absolute power, period. Their panic and police states are designed to instill and further the want and fear they say they deplore. Their stocks in trade are want and fear; they’d never eliminate them even if they could….

The Last Gasp

Mission accomplished—they have certainly instilled and furthered want and fear, allowing them to consolidate and extend their power.

From fearful, compliant automatons the silence was deafening. Even much of the alternative media failed to ask the most basic questions, working off of medical establishment, government, and mainstream media assumptions, projections, and scare tactics.

Perhaps the most distressing aspect of this whole ordeal is that Americans have surrendered to panic and propaganda without a shot.

Surrendered Without A Shot,” Straight Line Logic, 4/6/20

The strongest and most cogent objections came from a few doctors and epidemiologists. Stanford epidemiologist John P.A. Ionnidis was one of the first. Dr. Ron Paul early on called out the coronavirus hoax.

Unfortunately, doctors and epidemiologists also were responsible for many of the scariest projections and much of the agitation for police state measures. It’s as if the world’s auto mechanics decided that cars’ useful lives would be meaningfully extended and public safety enhanced if everyone was forced to drive 25 mph. Probably true, but think of the costs in time and money if we had to drive that slowly. The mechanics have their perspective, and doctors and epidemiologists have theirs. What’s been lacking is broader perspectives that reckon, or even acknowledge the response’s staggering costs to liberty and the economy.

Fast forward to now. If you predict that governments’ response to the coronavirus outbreak will reveal not so hidden agendas of globalist power and domination (Why do you think they keep saying, “The world will never go back to the way it was”?), terminate the last vestiges of freedom, destroy the economy and financial markets, kill far more people than the virus itself, and set precedents for everything from enforced confinement to martial law to mandatory vaccinations to electronic money to compelled microchipped identification and surveillance whenever a group of experts makes scary projections about lethal microbes—which from now on will be almost always—you’re well on your way to being proved right on all counts.

Surrendered Without A Shot

If you still doubt that coronavirus response is intended to “terminate the last vestiges of freedom,” check out “Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security Is Using Coronavirus To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision” by Whitney Webb.

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