About that Constitution…


by Bob Rinear, The International Forecaster:

We ALL hate the way the globalists, the far left is taking all this to extremes. We hate the power trip some politicians are going on with this situation. But do NOT, not for a minute, believe that there is no deadly virus. There is.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that 1) there is no virus, everything has been “made up,” created for a global elitist take down of the world, 2) There is no virus, it’s only the flu, but they’re calling it Covid 19, to panic everyone and crush the economy so Trump doesn’t win, 3) There is a virus, but it’s not even as bad as the flu and all this is an insane over reaction, 4)it’s not a virus, it’s 5G. 5) you name it, I’ve heard it all.

Then there’s the people arguing that it isn’t constitutional to lock down the nation. If you’ve been reading me for 27 years, you know that I’m a gun loving, freedom loving, constitution loving guy. But there’s a problem. A huge problem. What happens if you violate quarantine, because you don’t feel Uncle Sam has the right to keep you inside, and you don’t realize you have the virus, because you are asymptomatic? What happens if you spread it to my wife and because of her weakness over Chemo/radiation, she dies? Did your constitutional right to “be free” give you the right to kill her?

If you are HIV positive and have sex with someone and don’t tell them, in many states you can be prosecuted for attempted murder. Will that happen to the infected that knowingly break quarantine?

See, this isn’t so easy.

All over the country, people are protesting the lockdowns, and we’re not terribly far from shots being fired. I certainly understand that, as I’ve said, millions of people that live paycheck to paycheck, don’t have one. They’re getting desperate. Check this:

Disney lays off 100,000
Hertz rental lays off 10K
Ally Bank said 25% of its auto-loan customers want payment deferrals, and most have never been delinquent before. Of the 1.1 million borrowers more than 75% have never asked for a deferral before and 70% have never had a late payment.

I could go on forever with this. People don’t WANT to open the country; people NEED to open the country. I get it. With no income and no unemployment, how do you feed your kids? Food banks are over run. This is ugly.

Lately there’s been handfuls of blowhards popping up on YouTube with all manner of abject BS, as they reach for their moment of fame. Everyone’s all excited about Dr. Buttar going off about how this is all a manufactured panic, and it’s got it’s roots in 5g, bad diet, and all manner of stupid. I don’t like showboats like that, because while he gets people excited, it’s for the wrong reasons. Like the other idiots telling us that theres no virus, it’s your body ejecting toxins from 5G. My Lord, how nuts can you be?

So first off, let’s get down to some basics. The same people that tell me that it’s nothing, that it kills less than the flu, are the same people that absolutely believe China screwed up and it escaped their level 4 lab in Wuhan.

I don’t want to start out by calling people names, but “hello??” So let me get this right, China has a bioweapon lab near Wuhan. A level 4, where they play with the worst of the worst bugs. Ebola, Hemorrhagic fever, Marburg, HIV, Smallpox, SARS, MERS, influenza, Hepatitis,Yellow fever, Swine flu, etc, etc.

This virus escapes, but hey, no worries, it’s not as lethal as the flu. So what you’re telling me, is that they can’t make a bioweapon that’s worse than the flu?? What abject failures they are at bioweapons! They might as well get out of the business, because heck, if it’s no worse than the flu, they failed big time!

Unfortunately, this is not the case. I told you all a long while back, that I don’t believe this thing leaked out of that lab. I think it was done on purpose and not by the Chinese. I hope I’m wrong about that, but that’s for a different day. We’ll do a letter about that in the future. For today, we’re talking about the bug, and the re-open of society.

First off, is there a bug? Yep, nasty bastid too. If satan himself was to design a killer bug, this would be it. It did NOT jump from animals to humans. This was created, and it was created to be sneaky, insanely contagious, and very deadly. The nasty strain was developed to have a 60% lethality. We’re seeing about 40% in those who proved to have the bad strain.

MONTHS ago I said there were different strains of this thing. Well, there’s more than I knew of back then. See, the Chinese themselves said in a paper all the way back in January that there was two strains, one much more lethal than the other. Nope. I learned there was upwards of 10 different strains of this nightmare. Now we learn that it’s even worse than that. From an article posted Tuesday we learn this:

Chinese scientists have found that Europe and America’s East Coast have been infected by some of the most aggressive Covid-19 strains, as they discovered dozens of virus mutations. These destroy a host’s cells faster than others.

The ability of the novel coronavirus to mutate has been previously vastly underestimated, a team from China’s Zhejiang University, led by Professor Li Lanjuan, says in a new study. The group found as many as 33 virus mutations in just 11 coronavirus patients they examined in the city of Hangzhou.

The researchers say that 60 percent of the strains they discovered turned out to be entirely new. In a worrying development, they also discovered that the virus’s mutations directly affect its deadliness. Their research revealed that the most aggressive type of Covid-19 could create a virus load 270 times greater than the least potent one.

The virus load is the measure of its quantity in a certain volume of bodily fluid, usually blood plasma. It particularly shows how quickly a pathogen could propagate through the organism and destroy its cells. Unfortunately for Europeans, one of the most aggressive strains found by the Chinese scientists appears to be similar to the one that has spread across the continent, particularly Italy and Spain, the pre-print of the study published on the website medRxiv.org revealed on Sunday.

The same strain came from Europe to New York, which has since become one of the worst affected US states. America’s West Coast, however, appears to be infected by another, less deadly strain that arrived directly from China.

If it was leaked by accident, wouldn’t we be looking at 1 or at most 2 strains? Probably. But if it was set on purpose at the Wuhan military games, where 107 countries sent 10,000 people, it would make a lot of sense to release all the strains they had.

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