Local Official in France Bans Sales of All Alcohol During Coronavirus Lockdown


by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

To prevent domestic abuse.

Residents on lockdown in an area of France are now prohibited from buying alcohol after a local official banned all sales.

The Préfet of the Aisne département in north east France issued a directive that went into force this morning which forbids shops from selling alcohol to be consumed off premises.

The order was given by Ziad Khoury, who has also mandated that shops cannot stay open after 8pm.

The Local reports that Khoury made the decision because he is “concerned about the link between alcohol and violence, especially domestic violence.”

“Excessive consumption of alcohol is likely to create increased disturbances and violence, especially within the family,” claimed Khoury.

The reasoning behind the ban seems ludicrous given that consuming alcohol is probably one of the primary methods many miserable people under quarantine are copying with the stress.

The ban will last until the end of the current lockdown on March 31st, although this is almost certain to be extended.

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