How To Take Vitamin C Orally. It MAY Help Protect Against Viruses


by Joe Martino, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:A group of doctors and health professionals discuss how to take vitamin C orally to potentially reduce risk of getting viruses and managing symptoms.
  • Reflect On:Why is there such a divide in the West on the topic of vitamin C? Should we not be open, honest and inspired by the results being seen in Asia with high dose vitamin C treatment?

I have turned to the following credentialled individuals to make the statements in this article. They have also pointed to numerous studies which I will list below. These individuals are Damien Downing, who has a bachelor’s in medicine and surgery, Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D., Gert Schuitemaker, Ph.D., and Richard Z. Cheng, MD, Ph.D., International Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team Leader.

According to these individuals, as of this moment, there is a treatment being seriously used in hospitals for the new coronavirus, and that’s vitamin C. Below we will discuss how you at home can take vitamin C in accordance with the above-listed doctor’s suggestions.

It’s at this time that I have to point something out given what is happening in Western media at the moment regarding vitamin C. There is, what I feel, an incredibly irresponsible and bold denial that vitamin C can help you in preventing, reducing symptoms, and potentially speeding up the process of healing from Coronavirus. I believe this work from the mainstream media is misleading the public away from something that could very well help a lot of people.

But, given the risk I take in posting this information because of the strong-arming of “fact-checkers,” who have the ability to control our reach and revenue, I must state that: I am not saying that vitamin C can help you in any way with coronavirus… or with anything for that matter.

It’s important to note that there is evidence to support the fact that Vitamin C supports your immune system. Vitamin C has also been shown to help kill viruses and reduce the symptoms of infection. That said, it’s not a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) “cure,” but nothing is at this point. However, according to the stories coming out of China and South Korea, including ones we have covered, taking vitamin C may save your life and will likely reduce the severity of the infection.

Like I mentioned before, if someone tells you, as they were likely informed by mainstream Western media, that there is no proof vitamin C can help, consider that at this moment nothing is proven to help against COVID-19 as it’s a new virus, and also note that Vitamin C has been effective against every single virus including influenzas, pneumonia, and even poliomyelitis. (source)

What To Do According to These Doctors

I apologize for my carefulness and reiteration here, but it’s what we are forced to do at this time to continue telling stories as independent media. I’m am not making any claims, but here is what the doctors I listed above have suggested when it comes to vitamin C:

“If you do nothing else, start taking vitamin C right away; at least 3 grams a day, spread right across the day. That’s a 1,000 milligram capsule every 8 hours, or a level teaspoon of powder dissolved in a pint or so of water, drank all through the day.

When and if you catch a bug that might be COVID-19, simply increase your vitamin C intake: a rounded teaspoon (that’s 4 to 5 grams) in water (which helps to keep you hydrated) every 3 or 4 hours. And keep on taking it.

Do you consult a doctor? Do you self-isolate? Yes and yes. Of course you do; that’s your duty to others.

Vitamin C and the other measures are what you do for yourself.”

You can also watch Richard Z. Cheng, MD, Ph.D., International Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team Leader, discuss how to orally take vitamin C via the video at the bottom of this article.

Why The Media Denial?

The doctors covered in this story are part of The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service. They describe themselves and their current work on COVID-19 as follows:

“[…] Its editorial board of nearly four dozen physicians, academics and health professionals (listed below) feel it is necessary to report on what the advertiser-supported, corporate-controlled commercial media refuses to acknowledge: even small amounts of vitamin C dramatically decrease severity of symptoms, and increase survival rates, among severely ill viral patients. Large doses work better. Intravenous large doses work better still.”

Why is Western media denying vitamin C can help so much? I don’t know yet, but I can speculate which I will not do in this article. What I can say is mainstream media often works as a group of parrots. I’m not trying to be mean I’m simply stating what I have observed being in media for over 11 years. When one network writes a story, the rest typically follow suit, and it’s very often that no deep research is done beyond essentially copying each other’s work. Hence the parroting of only existing superficial information.

Independent media is guilty of this sometimes as well, but will typically do much deeper research to bring forth alternative facts. Given the rise of independent media in recent years, “fact-checkers” have been introduced to squash independent media so mainstream narratives can stay strong and so that most people never even hear of other ideas beyond what’s presented in the mainstream.

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