Covid-19 in Venezuela: The Perfect Excuse to Crack Down Even More


by J.G. Martinez D., The Organic Prepper:

After the 2008 recession, I always thought that, given the incredibly complex state of the modern economy, only a very powerful event on a global scale would affect enough to make us bug out seriously. I always use to read a lot and didn’t have to spend much time before finding a payload of information and well-put-together articles about the possibility of man-made/natural disasters in the near future. Being a victim already of a disaster, once the tide arrived at something seemingly normal, I discovered that the next possible threat was a pandemic.

I arrived at the conclusion a pandemic was the most possible threat. However, I made the mistake to not register it or publish it. Just a couple of informal chit chat here and there. Some people agreed with me. Most of them just laugh thinking I was crazy. Once I performed more thorough research, I realized a swine or bird flu was the most likely. I wasn´t that wrong.

And now the infamous tyranny subjugating my country has taken control of everything, everywhere, impeding the most basic liberties to “control the pandemics”.

How Venezuela is trying to control the spread of Covid-19

The cases of Covid-19 are in cities with much greater mobility or closer to the borders with other countries, like Merida or San Cristobal. There are about 70 cases in the entire country.

I wrote before about what a nightmare a pandemic would be with our weak medical system and malnourished people.

It turns out that the spread didn’t even have to be bad to make matters worse for Venezuelans.

Well, here I bring for you an update about what I´ve received today. In the State I used to live, a series of measures have been issued to “contain” a virus…that still hasn’t been detected in even one positive case in this state.

  1. All types of public grouping are forbidden.
  2. It is forbidden the public presence of elders
  3. It is demanded to parents, relatives to take the needed measures to avoid children and teenagers on the streets.
  4. Usage of sanitary mask in public is mandatory
  5. No travels to other states, nor visiting discos, bars, restaurants, clubs, liquor stores, sports courts, or similar public places.
  6. No walking on streets or avenues with the exception of cases of extreme necessity.
  7. Restaurants will can offer delivery only (not open to the public)
  8. All work activities suspended except the essential ones: gas service, water, electricity, and others.
  9. School activity suspended
  10. School feeding program active, delivering the food to the kids´home. (of course, this program in real terms does not exist, this is only to deceive)
  11. They demand obedience and respect for the security staff in charge of the compliance of these rules.

This is, dear fellows, in a single state. Its effect is intended to control one city. At the time of this publishing, it is very likely other similar regional decrees have appeared.

The restriction of fuel for civilians

The main issue I am noticing here is the evidence of footage showing uniformed personnel informing the public there will be no more gasoline for civilian use.

This is a very strong indication for the future. If you consider it is worth the effort to stock it, great. It´s costly, dangerous, and it´s not exactly essential.

There are some other alternative means. It´s all about using your brain and your knowledge to overcome the obstacles. If such obstacles are mainly technical, so much better. I used to win my bread with that and my grey matter jelly mass is wired for that. Diesel NEVER was scarce, just for the record. I monitored this very close, and insisted to my friends about this, trying to prevent them before the gasoline supply dried out. Now it´s dry. No people transiting from one place to another.

Quarantines are declared.

They can´t control entirely without this excuse of a quarantine.

In states without even one case, quarantines are being imposed, too. That´s incredibly harmful for everyone; those food producers in their respective localities are not going to deliver their clients. Unless you can manufacture your own alcohol and makeshift a carburetor to run on that stuff…you´re now a slave of the ruling mafia.

Mark my words.

It´s only a matter of a few days before the guy in the chair (won´t call his name) decrees “the supply of basic products will be done by the National Army…”…and this will took to the ruin to the already scarce producers to feed and pacify the dormant beast in the barrios of the city, which easily could sweep them off the Earth once it decides to do so.

The scenario is going to be, as far as I can predict, much like Ukraine in the 20s. Crop confiscation at gunpoint, with the warlords of every military zone charging whatever they want to the people, via an underground supply network.

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