The Chain of Custody of the Virus Transfer From DARPA to Ukraine to Wuhan, China


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The Common Sense Show has been accumulating data and for the most part has been very conservative in its approach to the Coronavirus. First, let it be said for the record, this is not the Coronavirus, at least not anymore. The mutations are so numerous that researchers I speak with have no idea what they are dealing with. And because the virus was bioengineered it is not following the “normal” predictable patterns of transmission and mutation.

The fact that the MSM is not covering this topic with the seriousness that is now warranted places the MSM in a position of deprave indifference regarding public health and safety. In short, every American should turn off all mainstream media because they are the enemy of the people.

This will be a multi-part story of what is presently known, what it is partially known and what is hypothetical based on incomplete but trending information. The first part of the series.contains the following elements:

  • The White House investigation into the bioengineered nature of the Coronavirus.
  • The two separate investigations into the travels of Hunter Biden with the assistance of Joe Biden and/or former President Obama.
  • China’s motives for releasing the Coronavirus on itself.
  • The Democrats long and involved history with the CHICOMS and the motivation of the Democrats to conspire in the release of the virus. 
  • How China got the virus and who were the key players in the Chinese procurement of the virus. 

The White House Bogus Investigation

Zerohedge says it succinctly and accurately:

As ABC News reports, the director of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), in a letter to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, requested that scientific experts “rapidly” look into the origins of the virus in order to address both the current spread and “to inform future outbreak preparation and better understand animal/human and environmental transmission aspects of coronaviruses.”

Specifically, ABC News’ Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton asked the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease about concerns that stem from misinformation online that the novel coronavirus could have been engineered or deliberately released.


The notion that the virus is transmitted by asymptomatic bats and snakes is not even believable and the cover stories invented by the globalists and their MSM counterparts are growing less sophisticated by the day. Here is what The Common Sense Show reported on very early on about the ongoing bogus investigation by the White House.

There are more than likely two motivations into the bogus White House investigation into the bioengineered possibility of the virus. First, the government gains a measure of plausible deniability as they can later state that they never anticipated how bad the virus was going to get. Second, President Trump is serving notice to the Deep State that he knows exactly how this virus originated.

Where the Vindman Connection Meets the CHICOM, Democratic Party and Deep State Opportunities to Unseat Trump

Over seven years ago, as has been reported earlier on the CSS, I had a personal friend, who worked for FEMA in counter bioterrorism, who “bugged out” to a self-protective and created secluded compound with like-minded individuals. He stated that he feared for his life because he knew of super-viruses and other biological weapons that would be unleashed because of the rising tide of populism. He was personally fearful that his life would be in danger, along with some of his colleagues, because of what he knew. I learned that DARPA and the researchers at Ft. Dietrich worked on developing these super-viruses. He once told me that the world has no idea what we have and the rise of populism would be the trigger for the release of these deadly agents.

Today, 40% of the nations on this planet are living through some form of civil disobedience to outright revolution. President Trump is the most frequent symbol of this new tide of freedom. Therefore, it is time unleash holy hell upon the country and the world and stamp out the opposition beginning with Trump. Since the Deep-State serving Democrats have been unable to unseat Donald Trump, it is time for more drastic measures.

I believe that the real target of these deadly “Chinese” viruses is the United States. However, it would have been too obvious to have released inside the United States, therefore, a foreign pipeline would have to be created in order to establish a line of plausible deniability. How do we know that the United States is the REAL intended target of this virus (multiple)? Please consider the following:

  1. In a five part series I wrote in July of 2019, I identified the fact that Wei Fenghe, the Defense Minister of China, identified the United States as a target for a genocidal attack in order to takeover the country for its resources. There is only one country capable of providing China with its material resource needs and it is the United States. Wei Fenghe said the United States’ population would be largely wiped out and colonists would inhabit America and plunder its resources. The use of race-specific-bio weapons would be used and that they have been developed in conjunction with Israel.
  2. Why would China release a bioagent that would potentially wipe out tens of millions of its own people? First, one has to realize that the Communist Party in China is responsible for an estimated 80 million deaths of its own people. Second, China spends and excessive amount of its GDP feeding an over-populated country. Third, the areas that were first targeted by the original Coronavirus were the more progressive parts of China such as Wuhan. Wuhan is in constant conflict with the CCP and they were hit the hardest with the virus. The Chinese would love to reduce its population (ie mouths to feed) and maintain plausible deniability om the [rpcess. Third, China views President Trump as the enemy. He has reversed the trade imbalance with China which for years favored the Chinese. That fact is no longer true. The United States owns China economically, thanks to the President. They would love to see Trump out of office. A virus could destabilize the economy going into the 2020 election. Subsequently, Trump would lose his major political advantage over the Democrats and could possibly be defeated. For these reasons, China would release a bioweapon on itself in the hopes that it would spread to America and wipe out the Trump Presidency and millions of Americans. I do not believe that this virus is the kill shot. I believe that there will be a stage two.
  3. The connection between the CHICOMS and the Democrats runs deep. The CSS has established through money trails and photos that Nancy Pelosi is in bed with the cartels. It has been established that the CHICOMS control the cartels. Diane Feinstein had a CHICOM spy as a driver for two decades. Further, Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum is in business with CHICOM interests for decades. The CSS has established Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, through a Burisma subsidiary, sent F-35 technology to the Chinese. In the Calexit movement, the CHICOMS are heavily involved with California’s Democrats as they continue to attempt to leave the Union. Obama allowed the CHICOMS to run the solar industry in America. There is much more, but it is apparent of the intimate relationship between China and the Deep-State serving Democrats. Since the Democratic Party is dead in the water, a joint overthrow effort, between the CHICOMS and the Democratic Party leadership, is not only possible, it would be expected. Further, the globalists would be in support of this action as well because they need to remove the symbol of populist uprising around the planet (ie Trump).
  4. Two interesting developments have appeared. First, two Senate subcommittees headed by Grassley and Johnson have asked the Secret Service to turn over the travel records of Hunter Biden from the US to both Ukraine and China. The CSS has been told in multiple circles by confidential informants, that Hunter was the transport agent of biological weapons to China. Further these two Senate investigations wanted to know if Hunter traveled to Ukraine on Air Force #1 or Air Force #2. The speaks to the involvement of Joe Biden (Air Force #2) and Obama (Air Force #1). Did Hunter get help from his father (Air Force #2) or from Obama (Air Force #1), or both? George Webb is also reporting an element of this story. It is my belief that this clearly signals that the Trump administration knows that Hunter Biden was the transfer agent of the bioweapon to China.



5. This is the knot that ties together this plot and their names are Vindman. Vindmans’ history is very interesting. The father, an older brother and Alex Vindman and his twin brother came to America at the height of the cold war. These kinds of immigrants were not part of any American relocation effort in combination with the Soviet Union.

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