Face It @SpeakerPelosi, You Lost


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

“It was a such a dirty speech” eh?

You lost tonight.


Not a little.

Really, really big.

Like, oh, on everything.

Those “water” glasses were full of vodka sitting next to you, weren’t they?

What was there to complain about with Trump’s speech tonight?  Oh, you don’t like him demanding you pass a bill so those who have loved ones murdered by illegal invaders can sue sanctuary cities and states?  Why not Nancy?  Who do you stand with — criminal illegal invaders who murder or US Citizens?

We already know the answer to that, don’t we?

Your crazy wing, including you as it is now clear, didn’t impeach the President because he “went after a political rival.”  You know that’s a ******ned lie; Trump was after that crap over a year before Biden announced.  Never mind that Biden was never a viable candidate, which we just saw proved last night.  My theory is that your criminal cabal in the DNC tried to rig the caucuses and only stopped, claiming a “technical problem” because Sanders smelled it coming and had someone in every single precinct with the counts and the party knew if they pulled that crap he was going to bust your pals and then nail your evil ass to the wall, which is exactly what you deserved.

Never mind “Mayor Pete” who polls zero with black people, and with damn good reason given his record as Mayor.  The party runs him and Trump has four more years — guaranteed.  Who won Iowa again?  Oh, and who was second?  Uh huh.

No, you and Schitthead impeached Trump because he started sniffing around your Congressional “best friends and family” slush fund games, didn’t you?  Which, incidentally, are certainly of a kind, character and amount that they ought to be considered life felonies.

It’s time you were personally held to account for all of that bull****.

Guess what: You expired tonight.  You displayed your bat**** insanity for the entire world to see.

Tomorrow Trump will be acquitted and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.  That’s right — acquitted.  Not guilty.

Game over.

I hope he rips up your “articles” on TV tomorrow afternoon and shoves the pieces up your ass.

I am no fan of Trump; he’s a liar and a cheat.  Now show me a President who wasn’t.  Good luck.  You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor.  Remember that?  Health care costs will come down dramatically.  Remember that one too and what happened (they more than doubled, in some cases tripled or more instead.)  Millions of Americans, including myself, do.

So what?  I can strongly dislike more than one person at a time.  Tonight’s your night, bitch.

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