CATASTROPHIC ERROR: In just two days, thousands of potentially cross-infected passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship will be released and allowed to take commercial flights anywhere in the world


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

World health authorities are about to commit a gross error that could literally end up costing millions of lives.

So far, 355 passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship have been diagnosed with coronavirus infections. As you may recall, this started from just one passenger, then grew to 10, then 30, and now more than 10% of the entire passenger manifest is infected.

The 3,000+ passengers have been quarantined on this cruise ship for 12 days. But the ship isn’t a level-4 biohazard facility, and passengers are sharing the same recirculated cabin air — a critical realization, considering that coronavirus spreads through the air.

Two days from now, on Feb. 19th, the original “14-day quarantine” comes to an end. All the remaining passengers who do not test positive for the coronavirus will be released by the government of Japan and allowed to board commercial flights to any city, anywhere in the world.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Cross-infected passengers may have just been infected today, and won’t show symptoms for weeks

Consider the fact that thousands of people on board that ship may have been infected just yesterday, or today or tomorrow. They won’t show symptoms for up to 24 days, and they won’t test positive for the coronavirus until much later in the incubation period.

While some passengers are opting for government-chartered evacuation plans, others are about to board commercial planes and fly to their destinations across the world, all with zero quarantine protections. Once there, they won’t be subjected to any further quarantine measures by their local governments, since they can claim they’ve “already been through a 14-day quarantine” on board the ship (which is false, technically speaking, see below…). A week or two later, they may develop full-blown symptoms, and during this entire incubation period, they may be spreading the virus to others in their local communities.

Apparently, no government health authorities have yet realized that a quarantine which allows shared air among the quarantine participants is no quarantine at all because cross-infections can be initiated during any day of the 14-day quarantine. A real 14-day quarantine must secure total isolation for all participants so that each individual is isolated from all others for the entire duration of the quarantine. That’s the only way you can know they aren’t infected. (And technically, it needs to be 24 days, not just 14.)

Yet that protocol is not being followed here.

A passenger from the Diamond Princess is about to take a commercial flight back to Marina del Rey, California, to the horror of informed Americans

As the New York Times now reports, a woman named “Linda” (we withhold her last name for her own privacy) says she can’t wait to get off the ship and take a first class commercial flight back to Marina del Rey, California.

Via the NYT:

Some remained hesitant about whether to take the charter flight. Linda T—-oto, 63, a retired retail manager from Marina del Rey, Calif., said she had signed up for the evacuation flight, but changed her mind at the last minute.

Ms. T—–oto stuck a Post-it note on her door reading: “I’m staying.” Three military doctors came to her door and advised her to go. Their emphatic tone, she said, was “scary,” but she is standing her ground.

I’d rather go home first class on United Airlines than a cold, noisy military charter when the Japanese Ministry of Health releases us,” she said.

In just two days, the Japanese Ministry of Health will release Linda and thousands of other passengers, who will then proceed to take international flights to cities across the globe. There’s no question that many of those people will, of course, be “asymptomatic carriers” of the coronavirus. Their travel back to America, absent any further quarantine measures, places the continental United States at risk of an outbreak.

Utter incompetence of government health authorities will get many of us killed

Every rational, intelligent person knows that a 14-day quarantine doesn’t count if you have infected people sharing air with non-infected people, combined with an airborne disease that has a 24-day potential incubation period. Just holding people on a ship for 14 days does absolutely nothing to guarantee that new people weren’t infected on day 13, for example.

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