A NEW LOW for #FakeNews — Media Spins 100% Negative on Trump Defense Team — 95% Positive Spin on Schiff and his Dopes


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

The latest impeachment sham is over.

Democrats lost.

They got shellacked on the Senate Floor ALL WEEK LONG.

They had no case and no talent.

Despite this the liberal media was out in force to lift up their Democrat team.

Via NewsBusters.

In fact the liberal mainstream media reported 100% negative against the brilliant Trump impeachment team.

And the liberal mainstream media reported 95% positive against Schiff and his dopes.

It really was a watershed moment for the liberal media.
We KNEW they were leftist hacks.
We didn’t know they all were.

As we have been telling you for years — These liberal hacks can NEVER be trusted.

Trump Attorney Patrick Philbin: President Trump’s defense team says Democrats turned #impeachment into “a partisan charade intended to justify a preordained result” by denying Trump any due process in the House.

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