4 Key Proteins of COVID19 Have Been Replaced, Which Can Precisely Attack Chinese


by Jennifer Zeng, Jennifer Zeng Blog:

(Jennifer’s note: The article below was originally published at a Chinese military website Xilu.com on Jan. 26, 2020, and was removed later. Searching with its Chinese title can still find the following URL http://m.xilu.com/vi/1000010001119697_7.html, at which the article was published. The following full article and photos are copied from an archived copy of the article. The English translation was mainly done with google auto-translation.)

来源:西陆网 | 原文发表时间:2020年1月26日 (注:原文已被删除,用谷歌搜索仍能发现原文网址:http://m.xilu.com/vi/1000010001119697_7.html,但点击后显示此页面不存在,以下来自删除前的备份。)

A screenshot of the original article at Xilu.com. 西陆网原文截图。

A screenshot of the original article at Xilu.com. 西陆网原文截图。

Several articles have analyzed the navel coronavirus in Wuhan, saying that the virus will not be a natural product. Recently, the evidence finally came. On January 21, the journal “Science in China: Life Sciences” published the research results of three Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers, revealing the true face of the navel coronavirus. Please see the report:


On January 21st, researcher Hao Pei of the Shanghai Pasteur Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher Zhong Wu of the National Institute for Emergency Control and Prevention of Drug Engineering Technology of the Academy of Military Medical Research, and researcher Li Xuan of the Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology of the Center for Molecular Plant Excellence of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Published an article online in the English version of “Science in China: Life Science”, and provided academic explanations for the evolutionary sources of the new coronavirus in Wuhan and the mechanism of infecting people.


The most important conclusion is that although Wuhan New Coronavirus has replaced four key proteins, it still has a strong affinity for human ACE2.


The researchers were surprised, and carefully compared the S-protein of SARS with the S-protein of Wuhan New Coronavirus, and found that although the four key amino acids were replaced, the structure did not change, and the RBD structure of the two The 3D structure of the domain is almost the same, no wonder it is so similar to SARS. It’s easy to mislead people into SARS virus and get into the misunderstanding.


This study shows that Wuhan’s new coronavirus should interact with human ACE2 to infect human respiratory epithelial cells. Moreover, this result also suggests that Wuhan’s new coronavirus has a strong ability to infect humans.


This study lays a scientific theoretical foundation for the scientific prevention and control of Wuhan’s new coronavirus in Chinese medical personnel and the development of detection and intervention techniques.


After reading the report, it makes people even more angry in panic! The key lies in: “The Wuhan new coronavirus has replaced 4 key proteins”. The first purpose is to pretend to be SARS virus, making it difficult for epidemic prevention personnel to distinguish, mistakenly entered the old path of SARS prevention and treatment, and delayed the treatment time.

看完报告,让人在惊恐之余更加愤怒无比!关键在于:“武汉新型冠状病毒换掉了4个关键蛋白”, 第一其目地就是为了伪装成SARS病毒,让防疫者难以分辨,误入防治“非典”的老路,延误救治的时间。

The second is to make it have “strong ability to infect humans” to achieve the purpose of rapid spread and infection. Did this extinct biological technology stem from bats and bamboo rats?


Even in 10,000 years in the natural environment, it is impossible to achieve such a precise “replacement” of “4 key proteins”!

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