Were shoulder-fired missiles launched from the Woolworth building on 9/11?


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

(INTELLIHUB) — Credible reports from Port Authority police officers and archived footage of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center reveal that something far more sinister may have taken place on that dreadful day in which 2,977 people were killed along with 19 highjackers as the official report states. In fact, according to several eyewitness reports, at least one, possibly two, portable missiles may have been fired at the towers from the rooftop of the Woolworth building in addition to the plane strikes.

Shockingly, footage captured on an MSNBC live feed during the attack shows what appears to be a portable shoulder-fired missile (possibly two) being launched from the rooftop terrace of the Woolworth building toward the World Trade Center complex as the north tower collapsed and was reduced to a pile of smoldering rubble.

Documented New York Port Authority police radio chatter backs up the ominous video footage that has been hidden from the general public’s viewing for nearly two decades.

Additionally, on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, at 9:08 am Detective Sgt. Zika with the Port Authority Police reported a possible missile launch off the Woolworth building, according to a memo dated November 12, 2001, regarding the Chronological Report of WTC Radio Transmissions on 09/11/01.

Port Authority Police

The report states that Sgt. Zika reported the missile launch exactly at 9:08 am which is the same time the second plane struck.

The following memo suggests that a man who appeared to be a security guard at the Woolworth tower advised detectives that “it wasn’t a missile,” possibly in an effort to convince the detectives that everything peachy atop the Woolworth.

Port Authority Police

The following is a transcript of several police radio transmissions that occurred during the attack:

Port Authority police officer: “Can you send somebody over to the Woolworth Building to check the roof? … There’s a possible … they said it was … we just had a second explosion, possibly a missile from the roof of the Woolworth Building.”

Police Dispatch: “The Woolworth Building?”

Port Authority police officer: “Yeah, on … on Broadway.”

Initial news reports that were later buried and/or erased:

“Someone had fired missiles at the World Trade Center’s north tower from atop the nearby Woolworth Building.” — WNBC News

“…we just had a second explosion, possibly a missile from the roof of the Woolworth Building.” — Port Authority Police Officer — WNBC News

“They’re shooting at the Trade Center from the Woolworth Building.”
Radio Dispatch — NY Daily News

“The first one they think was a guy shooting the missiles off the Woolworth Building.”
WTC Police Channel 07 — Mercury News

“Woolworth Building! They’re firing missiles from Woolworth Building!”
Police Channel — Portland Inymedia

“…there was a missile launch at the Woolworth building.”
Police Officer, 09:18 AM — Mailgate News

“…the police had a report that a missile had been fired at the World Trade Center from the Woolworth building.” — Alan Reiss, WTC Police Desk — 9-11 Commission Hearing

“[About 50 yards from the Tower] There was a ‘swooshing’ sound, then an explosion, and it sounded really low. It was if someone, one or two floors above me, had launched a shoulder-fired missile.” — Lance Cpl. Alan Reifenberg — Marine Corps News

As we pulled ‘round the corner, we stopped the rig, and a cop walked over to us and said, `I saw them shoot a missile launcher off that [Woolworth] building, you guys better be careful up there.’ — NYC Fireman — Mr.Bellers Neighborhood

Dick Cheney-affiliated company was once a tenant in the Woolworth building

According to official archives, the Kellex Corporation was a subsidiary of KBR, Inc. which was formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton the company U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney was V.P. of back in 2001 during the attacks so it’s no surprise the Kellex Corporation also was a tenant in the Woolworth building at one point in time.

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