Russian Warship Takes Swipe at American Destroyer in Arabian Sea


by Andrew West, Freedom OutPost:

As if the United States didn’t have enough trouble on its hands this week, Russia is looking to mix it up with the world’ preeminent superpower abroad as well.

Not only are Americans living under the constant threat of an impeachment of their duly-elected President, but that last week has brought us ever closer to fight an actual, honest-to-God war with Iran.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that this is an election year as well.

So, now, after all of this troubling news has come crashing down upon us, Russia decides that they’d like to start acting a fool in the Middle East as well.

A Russian warship “aggressively approached” a US Navy destroyer while it was operating in the North Arabian Sea Thursday, ignoring warnings from the US vessel and increasing the risk of a collision, the US Navy said Friday.

“On Thursday, Jan. 9, while conducting routine operations in the North Arabian Sea, USS Farragut was aggressively approached by a Russian Navy ship,” the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which oversees naval operations in the Middle East, said in a statement.

“Farragut sounded five short blasts, the international maritime signal for danger of a collision, and requested the Russian ship alter course in accordance with international rules of the road. The Russian ship initially refused but ultimately altered course,” the statement said, adding “While the Russian ship took action, the initial delay in complying with international rules while it was making an aggressive approach increased the risk of collision.”

Russia’s geopolitical goals for the 21st century certainly don’t include any well wishes for the United States, and this latest but of arrogant aggression could lead to some heavy-fisted responses.

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