Mainstream Media: The Kingdom, The Power, And The Fury


from Humans Are Free:

It’s been said that only a handful of people own all the money in the world. Many refuse to believe this, but in reality, there are only about six people / corporations that own the ten big media.

If given much consideration, one can discern that the power of the news rests with these head-haunchos who determine what we should be told, how, by whom, and when, and certainly what slant or outright untruths and disinformation should be passed on to us.

I find it amazing that educated people today still trust in the media for the truth, and even worse, have no concept of the media’s hidden agenda for a one-world government, and how they have made us fodder for it all, and how fallow we are about what really is happening.

Mainstream Media Is Fake Enws

The Columbia Journalism Review does a commendable of job of trying to keep up with all the media ownership and merger changes. The lists of monopolies and cross-owernships run seemingly endlessly like the roll call of immigrants on Ellis Islands’ walls. Therein lie two key problems: 1). domination, and 2). pre-determined information.

The global media giants kick us in our pants every time we turn on a radio or TV channel, surf the Net, read a newspaper, magazine, or book by feeding us only what they want us to know, and not what is authentic. Thus, our opinions are built solely on their propaganda.

They’re no dummies. They’ve set themselves up so that they could never collide into a financial collapse, as their holdings aren’t limited to just sole print or non-print conduit; instead, they own in whole or in part such other entities as sports teams, amusement parks, movie screens, music groups, satellite and cable networks, cable wires, toy companies, Blockbuster and other video and music stores, shopping networks, retail stores, beverage firms, communications companies, computer services, appliances and weapons, websites, water industries, cartoons, mobile phones, resort areas, video games, and on an on.

Who Owns What

Here is a small smattering of who owns what; only half are American properties. The big six consist of:

AOL TIME WARNER (World’s Largest Media Company)

Time Magazine, HBO, History Book Club, publishing companies; Hanna-Barbera Cartoons; Warner Bros. Studio in 30+ countries, amusement parks, numerous magazines (120 million readers); Turner Entertainments internationally, such TBS station, Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, TNT, and others. Sports, such Metro Sports, the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, and Turner Thrashers.

Also operating under this media mogul are high speed cable, online services in addition to AOL, i.e. CompuServe, Interactive Services, and Netscape, etc.. Too, ownership exists in CNN Newsroom; all of Warner Music Group as Warner Bros. Records, Reprise, Atlantic Jazz, Elektra, and 47 other labels. They also possess stores in over 30 countries, as well as theme parks, and various consumer products. The company partners with other media ownerships, such as Sony.

Chairman: Steve Case; CEO: Gerald Levin; 79,000 employees; ~$32 billion revenues[1] AOL division: Chairman & CEO: Jon Miller, J. Michael Kelly; about 18,000 employees;


As the second largest media dynasty, Disney has percentages of other various corporations and media holdings. Its biggest acquisition is Capital Cities/all of ABC TV, radio networks, and publishing groups (magazines, books, daily newspapers). TiVo (partial investment), Disney productions, and much of the ESPN networks (especially sports), belong primarily to Disney but they also share the History Channel (with Hearst and GE).

More Disney properties, some co-held, include Disney Channel UK, France, Italy, and Spain; Eurosport England, Tele-Munchen Germany, Scandinavian Broadcast System; sports franchises and Sports Network of Canada, and the broadcasting of sports around the world, such as soccer in Latin America, table tennis in Asia, cricket in India, Anaheim Ducks (national hockey league), a world’s sports complex, and other major league teams.

Additionally, they hold Hollywood pictures, Miramax Films, Caravan Pictures, Buena Vista Television, Touchstone Television, WD Television, Disney Animation, with production facilities in Australia, Canada, and Japan. Online shopping, 15 amusement parks, hotels, cruise lines, stores, their own merchandise, and communications tools belong to this titanic company.

Chairman & CEO: Michael D. Eisner; nearly $24 billion in revenues.


Labeled as the third largest media firm, this corporation has ownership in other companies, and is the world’s largest publisher as seen in this sampling: Random House (in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK as well), with Ballantine, Bantam, Crown, Doubleday, Knopf, Fodor’s, audio components, and business, science, trade and professional, and medical books.

Additionally, Modern Library, Book-of-the-Month Club, and Doubleday Book Club are also their properties, as are 50% ownership of Bookspan, European book clubs, online bookstores, and 40% ownership of Barnes & Noble.

They also hold international TV and radio stations, various newspapers, magazines such as PARENTS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (France), FAMILY CIRCLE., McCALLS, PRIMA, FOCUS, etc., along with music groups (Arista, RCA, BMG, EMI), and videos, DVDs, and Lycos Fireball.

This gigantic company owns companies that are in the paper business as well, such as offset paperback manufacturing, a maul-belser industry, graphic design entities, along with locking in computer/database businesses, e-commerce, financial services, and call centers.

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