If the Martians Teleported the Davos Crowd to a Distant Moon, Who Would Mourn and Who Would Cheer?


by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

The system that has so enriched the self-serving Davos Crowd is unraveling, and technocratic tweaks, carbon trading and philanthro-capitalism can’t fix what’s broken.

Thought experiment: If the Martians teleported the entire Davos Crowd to a distant moon, who would mourn and who would cheer? Friends and family of the disappeared elites would of course mourn their teleportation to a Martian facility on a distant moon, but who else would mourn, other than the flunkies and apparatchiks in the corporate media?

Who would cheer? Everybody who is tired of the dominance of an elite who skims billions from the rest of us “for our own good.” The Davos Crowd is focusing on climate change because they see it as the latest and greatest opportunity to add more billions to their net worth via the skimming operation known as Carbon Trading and controlling the vast capital flows into New Green Deal boondoggles.

Who would cheer? Everybody who is tired of the Davos Crowd viewing themselves as “the solution” rather than “the problem.” The unprecedented concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few in Davos isn’t a problem, it’s an “opportunity” because the Davos Crowd is immensely confident in the goodness and rightness of their power and control.

The Davos Crowd knows what’s best for the planet, so please get out of the way and let us take care of climate change, etc. our way, which just so happens to be extraordinarily profitable for us. But that’s to be expected because we’re so smart and hard-working and we care.

The hubris, sanctimony, false sympathy and hypocrisy of the Davos Crowd is off the charts. Having stripmined the Earth and its workforce for their existing billions, now they want to add to their billions by “fixing” what they broke in the most profitable possible fashion.

The Davos Crowd is incapable of recognizing that the unprecedented concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few in Davos is the core problem. The happy cover story for further exploitation and predation is philanthro-capitalism, “do-good” projects that enshrine the power of elites and engineer a status quo that continues to divert wealth to the Davos elites under the virtue-signaling cover of philanthro-capitalism.

The Davos Crowd and their vast armies of apparatchiks, toadies, apologists and technocrat flunkies don’t understand why we would cheer their teleportation to a distant moon. Their right to rule (droit de seigneur) is so obvious and well, just so right that those doubting it must be sadly delusional.

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